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Role of the Project Manager

We are working in projects during our professional career. Content, size, risk etc. of a project may change but projects’ have project managers in order to lead them. Project manager is assigned by the organizations or companies in order to lead the team that is responsible for achieving project...


Feedback of a PMP Exam Taker After PMP Exam Change

PMP Exam Change took place on 11th of Han 2016. After the PMP exam change, one of Master of Project Academy PMP aspirant took the new PMP Exam. In this post, we share his experiences and recommendations in this post. Feedback of a Recent PMP Exam Taker, After the PMP Exam Change Maurizio Noseda...


Why Agile Project Management?

Agile project management has a long history, but we have started to hear this methodology more frequently in last 5 years. Because of the increasing change speed of technology and importance of cost reductions in projects, Agile Project Management approaches started to become more important...


Sample PMP Earned Value Management Questions

Expect to see around 20-30 PMP Earned Value Questions during the exam. And this makes around 10-15% of the all PMP Exam. Therefore, answering PMP earned value questions correctly during the PMP exam is critical for your PMP success. Sample PMP Earned Value Questions Sample PMP Earned Value...


How to Track Project Delay and Report as Cost to Customer

One of the critical part of project management is managing project delays that are impacting project schedule and cost. If a file, configuration, item, part, module... etc is a prerequisite for a task or package of your project, and if this prerequisite is getting delayed then your schedule will...