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Top 10 Most Paying Companies for Project Managers

According to Herzberg's theory, salary is a hygiene factor in the workplace and a higher salary will not bring positive satisfaction or lead to higher motivation. Although this is a well-known theory in project management world, most of the project managers look for the highest paying companies...


PMP Exam Questions | Sample PMP Exam Questions & Rationales

PMP exam questions or sample pmp exam questions are one of the top searches of a PMP aspirant. Because, the best way to get ready for PMP certification exam is practicing with as many PMP exam questions as possible. PMP exam questions will help you to see your readiness for the exam and assess...


Management by Objectives (MBO)

We hear the term "objective" to often in our professional life. Company objectives, project objectives, department objectives etc. What is objective? What is project objectives? What is management by objectives? What are the practices of management by objectives (MBO) philosophy? We will...


PMP Certification in India

PMP certification is one of the most demanded professional certifications in India. What is the importance of PMP certification in India? What is the popularity of PMP certification in India? What is the cost of PMP certification in India? We will answer all these questions and list alternative...


PMP Certification Cost - All Aspects

PMP certification cost is a critical aspect for PMP certification aspirants. Many PMP certification candidates consider only PMP certification cost of exam and training. However, there are other aspects of PMP certification cost. What are the different aspects of PMP certification cost? How much...


IT Governance Roles

IT governance departments of companies play a vital role in describing how rules, processes, and policies will be applied throughout the organization. Size and work load of an IT Governance department is generally proportional to the size of the company. What does an IT Governance department do...


Project Manager in Theory

Project Manager role exists in several companies and industries. Although the book definition of project manager roles and responsibilities is concrete, in practice, it might change a lot across industries and companies. What does a project manager do according to theory? Who does a project...


Top 3 Agile Certification Programs

With the fast pace of technology and ever changing dynamics of the markets, Agile project management practices are emerging in last 10 years. Therefore, Agile certifications play a vital role to get a position in agile organizations. What is agile certification? What are the most reputable agile...


Top 7 Project Management Software for 2017

Project Management Software is a must to have tool for Project Managers. Project Management Software can ease many project management activities including planning, communication, cost and many other aspects of a project. When you google project management software, you will see hundreds of...


Project Management Office (PMO)

If you are working in medium sized company, you should have heard Project Management Office (PMO) a lot. What does Project Management Office or PMO does in an organization? What are the different Project Management Office (PMO) structures in an organization? What are the responsibilities of...


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