A Project Manager's vital step in his career is getting PMP certificate for sure. Almost every employer seeks for PMP certificate for the project management vacancies. Therefore, getting PMP certificate is a must for a Project Manager candidate.

value of pmp certificate

What is the value of PMP Certificate?

There is always a debate on whether certifications prove the knowledge of a candidate. Although there is not a concrete result, it is known that certificates reduce the risk of human resources department to hire an incompetent profile for a position.

Of course PMP Certificate does not assure the employer that the candidate is competent in project management. But having a PMP Certificate assures that the candidate has at least 3-4 years of project management experience and his knowledge is above a certain level.

We all know that PMP Certification Exam assesses the theory of project management and real-world project management is very different. Have you ever experienced a project that meets the contract terms 100% first, and then initiated? I experienced some projects that started even without a signed contract! I am sure you have lots of similar experiences opposite to what is written in book.

But, this doesn't mean that PMP Certificate is invaluable. To get a PMP Certificate, the candidate must have experienced a project at least for 4 years. Therefore, this is an assurance for an employer that the candidate is above an experience level. PMP Certificate exam also assesses the candidate in 10 knowledge areas. Even though the candidate is not assessed over a practical project, to answer most of the questions, you must have experienced a project.

Therefore, PMP Certificate will minimize the risk of human resources department during hiring process.

How does PMP Certificate affect Salary?

When we are talking about the value of PMP Certificate, we cannot ignore the effect of PMP Certificate on salary. Based on the salary data of Indeed, PMP Certificate holders earn 14% higher compared to regular project managers.

value of pmp certificate

Figure 1: Indeed.com Salary Results

So getting PMP certificate will not only increase your possibilities to get a project management position, but also increase your salary respectively.

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value of pmp certificatevalue of pmp certificatevalue of pmp certificate

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