We hear the term "process" too often in our daily professional life. But do we use the term process properly? Do you know what process means? What is process? In this article, we will be going over process.

What is Process?

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Process is simply a well-defined set of steps and decision points for executing specific tasks to convert inputs into outputs. Process has pre-defined inputs. And based on these predefined inputs, with the help of enablers, these inputs are processed and outputs of the process are generated. For instance, a server administrator, a provisioning tool or software are examples of enablers. And processes are controlled by procedures, metrics, governance etc. For instance, if there is a time limit to generate an output for a process, these are monitored by control points. Following figure illustrates what process is.

what is process

Process Example

Let’s see a process example: payment process. Predefined inputs for this process can be ATM card of the customer and correct password entry of the customer to withdraw the money. Enablers of the payment process can be payment servers of the IT of the bank and databases which stores the customer details such as customer number, account info and balance details etc. And finally, if the steps are followed successfully, output of the process will be money withdrawal. And transaction times can be one of the control points for this process example. Can you wait for more than ten minutes to withdraw a money from the ATM? Of course no. Therefore, this process, as all other processes, must be monitored and controlled to find out problems are improvement areas to continuously improve. Following figure illustrates this process example.

what is process

In this article we have seen what the process is.

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what is processwhat is processwhat is process

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what is process