Scrum Sprint Retrospective is a scrum event held after Scrum Sprint Review meeting. What is the agenda of the Scrum Sprint Retrospective? Who should attend the Scrum Sprint Retrospective? What are the benefits of Scrum Sprint Retrospective? In this article, we will describe the Scrum Sprint Retrospective in detail.

scrum sprint retrospective

Scrum Sprint Retrospective Features

The Scrum Sprint Retrospective is an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvements for the next Sprint. Everybody and every team has a weakness. Or even if there is not a weakness, there will be always room for doing things better. Scrum Sprint Retrospective is for identifying the improvement areas of a Scrum Team and planning how to improve the way of doing work respectively.

Scrum Sprint Retrospective occurs after the Sprint Review and prior to the next Sprint Planning. By this way, team prepares itself for the improvements before a new Sprint and a better output is aimed starting from the next Sprint onwards.

Scrum Sprint Retrospective is a time-boxed to 3-hours for one-month Sprints. But if the Sprint duration is shorter, Scrum Sprint Retrospective can be completed in a shorter duration as well. For instance, Scrum Sprint Retrospective can be one and a half hour for a 2 Weeks-Sprint.

scrum sprint retrospective

Scrum Sprint Retrospective Goals and Benefits

The goal of Scrum Sprint Retrospective activity is to inspect-and-adapt the process. First, team goes over what they done well. Then, they focus on what they did wrong or slow or how they could have done it better. Based on the discussions, improvement areas and actions are planned for the next Sprints.

The team discusses what is working and what is not working with Scrum and associated technical practices during the Scrum Sprint Retrospective. For instance, if all of the items planned for the sprint could not be completed, reasons behind this are analyzed and actions are planned respectively. Or if the Daily Scrums could not be completed in 15 minutes, this can be an improvement area for the team to discuss during the Scrum Sprint Retrospective as well.

Scrum Team plans ways to increase product quality by adapting the definition of “Done” as appropriate. We have seen that the Definition of “Done” was prescribing in what conditions we can consider an item as completed. If there are gaps to fill in the Definition of “Done” prescriptions, these are evaluated and planned for improvement by the team.

scrum sprint retrospective

Note that, during the Scrum Sprint Retrospective, the team does not talk about the weaknesses and improvement areas only. If there is a practice that the team is doing well already, then benefits of this practice and how to ensure to keep practicing this is discussed as well. For instance, team might be very good and quick at overcoming the technical problems during the Daily Scrums and this practice must be kept to have the benefits in future as well.

By the end of the Scrum Sprint Retrospective, the Scrum Team should have identified improvements that it will implement in the next Sprint. Implementing these improvements in the next Sprint is the adaptation to the inspection of the Scrum Team itself. Although improvements may be implemented at any time, the Scrum Sprint Retrospective provides a formal opportunity to focus on inspection and adaptation.

Scrum Sprint Retrospective can be team destroying...

Note that, in practice, Sprint Retrospective meetings have a possibility of turning into blaming. For instance, if the Sprint Goal could not be met because of the task of the one developer could not be finished on time, some of the Team Members might think that he is the cause of the failure. This causes a possibility to blame that developer. Scrum Master must lead the Scrum Sprint Retrospective and he must prevent these kinds of issues during the Scrum Sprint Retrospective meeting. Because, while aiming to improve the Scrum practices, Scrum Sprint Retrospective must not turn to a team destroying activity.

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scrum sprint retrospective