Debates about project or operational work are inevitable in a company. Although some unique works are called as operational work, some repetitive and recurring activities may be called as project. In this article, we will describe the operational work, and give an example for the operational work.

Definition of Operational Work

Operational work is the most of the work done being done in organizations. User registration in a company, fixing the technical problem of a customer, giving support on the phone to a customer, providing new laptop to a new employee are all examples of operational work done in a company.

Operational work differs from the project in terms of being ongoing and repetitive. So the results of the operational work are not unique or they do not have a definite end. For instance, a company must support its customers and this will be an ongoing activity as long as company continues to provide its services and products to its customers.

definition of operational work

Operational Work Sample

Let's see an example for the operational work. The yearly maintenance of the Golden Gate Bridge is an example of the operational work. It happens every year and probably every step and process is repeated yearly on the bridge to check whether the bridge is safe. So this won’t be a project.

definition of operational work

Debate whether a work is project or operational work will be ongoing in business world and depending on the dynamics of the company and market, companies will call the work accordingly.

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definition of operational workdefinition of operational workdefinition of operational work

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definition of operational work