You should have annoying coworkers, colleagues in your professional life. How were your annoying coworkers? How did you deal with annoying coworkers? In this article, we will go over most annoying coworker types and how to deal with them.

6 Most Annoying Coworker Types and How to Deal With Them

We have all been there and felt that: Annoying coworkers are an inevitable part of our working life. As most of us are working in the offices in which you can find many people, with various types of personalities, it’s natural not to like all of them and consider some of them as annoying coworkers.

We are spending the majority of our day in the office and our coworkers are the people we see maybe more than our family. The people you work with may boost your productivity but if you find them intolerable, they may also lover your motivation, your energy and disturb your concentration. For the reason we’re spending long time with those people, especially in a rather stressful environment like a workplace, issues may occur. Do not let yourself down! The first step for dealing with annoying coworkers is to accept their existence. It’s true that no employee can say they are getting along with 100% of their coworkers. But if you are aware of what is annoying you about your coworker, you can isolate the problem, not take it personally and act towards them accordingly.

We have made a list of the most common types of annoying coworkers. They can be present in any kind of office, no matter which industry you work or how big your company is.

Annoying Coworker Number 1: The Know-it-all

This type of annoying coworker will pretend they always know the best. They will constantly try to give you their “valuable” opinion, which is naturally, is the most correct one! In every chance, they will indicate that they are the better than you or they know better than you. You can especially recognize this type in the meetings, where they will get a chance to perform their one-man show in front of a larger audience. These people can be easily avoided by simply ignoring them, but first, you have to learn not taking their behavior personally. You don’t have be rude to them neither, just say “Thank you for your opinion, I will look into that,” and move on.

Annoying Coworker Number 2: The one that always complain

This people are the grumpiest ones in the office. They have a super-power to complain about anything! The air condition, the food at the cafeteria, the behavior of the manager, the weather, their salary etc. If you take them too seriously and listen to their every complaint, at one point you may find yourself that you became one of them, because this complaining can be contagious. So the best behavior for dealing with that type of annoying coworker is doing your best to stay away from them. Every now and then you can listen to them but don’t fall into the trap of justifying them. Because once they see that you are granting them the right to tell you their complaints, they will begin to absorb your motivation and your joy of living.

Annoying Coworker Number 3: The Loud One

Even if you are not close friends with the Loud One, you would know every detail of their personal life, because you are hearing about it constantly, whether you like it or not. On the phone or while chatting with another coworker they are always talking out so loud that you may start to wonder if they have a problem with their hearing. To be honest, this is the easiest annoying coworker type to deal with. You can benefit from your noise cancelling headphones most of the time. But unfortunately you can't be listening to music every second. The best method for dealing with this type is politely tell them to lower their voices, otherwise you can't concentrate.

Annoying Coworker Number 4: The Intruder

You are really focused on a project and you are proud of your progress. This feeling lasts until the Intruder comes out of nowhere and start telling you about their weekend trip or just… something! There goes your precious concentration... This annoying coworker has a habit of thinking you’re really interested to hear about their stories even you’re working hard. They may be a selfish one, a slacker or maybe both. The ideal way to deal with them is to be straightforward. Even if you really want to hear their story afterwards, you should be able to tell them to postpone this conversation, because you have something important to do.

Annoying Coworker Number 5: Gossip Girl/Boy

Let’s admit we all do that from time to time: when you are together with many people in the same place every day, gossiping is somehow inevitable. But this type of annoying coworker puts gossip right in the center of their life. You can’t speak to them without hearing some unwanted details about your mutual coworkers. This person loves to draw interest, that’s why their pockets are always filled with many stories and they like to share them with the willing or unwilling listeners. These stories can be about the intrigues in the office but also really personal ones. For avoiding these Gossip Girls or Boys, the first step is not to tell them much about yourself and not to make any comments about what they told you. Because as you may guess, they will use your words as another story to tell the others. If they start to realize that you’re not providing them any material, they will probably stay away from you.

Annoying Coworker Number 6: The Bully

We all know The Bully from our school years: he was the physically stronger guy. But in the office this person becomes a dangerous type of annoying coworker because they are not distinguished with their physical strength; instead they are playing with your psychology. They can be in a superior position than you, or just another coworker. Their common behavior is being constantly in a “Do you know who I am?” mood. They will try to find everybody’s weakness and attack using them. We are not saying that you should show them your bully side but don’t lower your guard neither. Being confident in front of a Bully will weaken them. However if the things becomes too serious and goes towards mobbing, you should better think about getting help from HR or from your manager.

To deal with annoying coworkers may be tricky, but if you stay professional and put your complaints bluntly, the solution will come to you naturally.

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