We hear the term Project Team very often. In this article, we are going to review the Project Team definition. But let’s start with the definition of the project itself. A project is a temporary endeavor with a beginning and an end, which creates a unique product, service or result. Naturally, a project cannot be fulfilled with only one person. It requires a team, and this team is called the Project Team. The success of the project depends on the Project Team. So we can say that gathering a good Project Team is one of the major roles of the Project Manager.

Project Team

What is Project Team? Who is included in the Project team? Who is not included in the Project Team? What is the importance of Project Team? Who leads the Project Team? We are going to answer all these questions in the next paragraphs.

What is the Project Team?

In general, a good team with a great leader most likely will have a successful outcome. It can be a sports team, a group of students working on a presentation or even a military force. For the Project Management world, the situation is the same. If a high-quality Project Team is assembled together, the project will progress and the result will be the desired outcome.

Project Team

For Project Team definition, we can say that it’s the Project Manager and the group of individuals who perform the project work. In order to be considered in the Project Team, team members must be assigned to a project activity and perform their work respectively.

Note that, a contributor cannot be considered as a project team member. The Project Team only consists of the individuals who are directly involved in the project. For instance, sponsor supports the project financially. But he is actually not a member of the project team. Because the sponsor is not directly working in the project.

Who is the leader of the Project team?

Project Team

The Project Manager is the leader of the Project Team because the Project Manager must have the highest power in the Project Team. One of the duties of the Project Manager is to choose the members of the Project Team. The Project Team members should all possess the right knowledge, hold the relevant experience, and have the willing power to finish the project with success. If the Project Manager is good at deciding who is going to be a member of the Project Team, the project has a lower chance of failure.

Another responsibility of the Project Manager is assigning the duties of the Project Team members. The Project Manager’s role in the Project Team is being the ultimate accountable of a project’s success. Therefore, after choosing Project Team members and assigning them their activities, she or he should also be able to direct them. And to do this, she or he should have the highest authority within the Project Team.

Why Acquiring a Good Project Team is Important?

A project has different constraints such as cost, time, quality, etc. They all have an effect on each other. Project Team members are another constraint of a project, categorized as a resource. If your Project Team have the right skills, experience, and motivation, they will affect the cost, the time and the other constraints positively. Because with this Project Team the work might be done without many major issues which can affect the budget or the quality.

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