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Daily Scrum

Daily Scrum is a daily Scrum Event as its name presents. What is the agenda of the daily scrum? Who should attend at daily scrum? What is the duration of daily scrum? In this article, we will describe the daily scrum in detail. Daily Scrum Features Each day of the scrum sprint, ideally at...


Scrum Planning Poker

Scrum Planning Poker is a commonly used effort estimation technique in Scrum. How is Scrum Planning Poker played? What are the weaknesses and strengths of Scrum Planning Poker? How are conflicts resolved in Scrum Planning Poker? In this article, we will describe Scrum Planning Poker in...


Service, IT Service and IT Service Management

We use hundreds, even thousands of services each day. Fast food service, room service, floor service etc. If you are in IT sector, you should have heard IT service as well. But what is service and what is IT service? How does IT service differ from service? What is service management and IT...


Scrum Sprint Planning

Scrum Sprint is the heart of the Scrum and starts with the Scrum Sprint Planning meeting. What is the agenda of the Scrum Sprint Planning meeting? What is the purpose of the Scrum Sprint Planning Meeting? Who should attend Scrum Sprint Planning meeting? In this article, we will describe the Scrum...


Scrum Sprint

Scrum Sprint is one of the Scrum Events. What is Scrum Sprint? What does Scrum Sprint specify? Scrum Sprint defines the period where the scrum team will deliver its increments. Scrum Sprint is time-boxed Scrum Event. In this article, we will describe the Scrum Sprint in detail. Scrum Sprint...


Scrum Development Team

What is Scrum Development Team? How does Scrum Development Team differ from a regular, conventional development team? Scrum Development Team is the engine of the scrum and produces the deliverables of the project and product. In this article, we will describe Scrum Development Team in detail. ...


Scrum Product Owner

Scrum Team consists of 3 roles. Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Development Team and Scrum Master. What does Scrum Product Owner do in a Scrum Team? What is the responsibility of Scrum Product Owner? In this article, we will describe Scrum Product Owner role in detail. Scrum Product Owner Scrum...


Scrum Master

Many people think that Scrum Master replaces the Project Manager role in Scrum Framework. This is a very big misconception. So what does Scrum Master do? What are Scrum Master roles and responsibilities? In this article, we will describe the Scrum Master, roles and responsibilities of Scrum...


Scrum Theory

Scrum Framework is the most popular Agile Methodology. But what does Scrum Theory propose? Scrum Theory is founded on empirical processes control theory or empiricism. In this article, we will describe the Scrum Theory, pillars of Scrum Theory and relation of empiricism and Scrum Theory. Scrum...


Project vs Operational Work

We are being part of several project and operational work during our professional life. Actually, project and operational work are not only parts of our professional life. We are planning to go for a vacation. We plan our budget, places to visit, transportation costs, accommodation costs, buffer...


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