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Project Management Process Groups: What are the Five Process Groups in Project Management?

Project Management has several knowledge areas. The project management processes are a part of those project management knowledge areas. All of these project management processes belong to five major project management process groups. These project management process groups are called initiating,...


The Process Owner in the ITIL Process: What is the ITIL Process Owner’s responsibilities?

The official definition of an ITIL process owner is the role that is responsible for ensuring that an ITIL process is fit for purpose. An ITIL process has inputs and outputs. Based on predefined triggers and inputs, an ITIL process owner follows a set of activities that generates outcomes.The...


Roles and Responsibilities in IT Service Management: How are Roles and Responsibilities Defined?

There are many roles with different responsibilities within an IT Service Provider’s team that will ensure that day-to-day business runs smoothly. However, these roles and responsibilities are not always well-defined. To understand each role one must first understand that each role is...


Project Life Cycle and Product Life Cycle

What is project life cycle and product life cycle? Let’s begin by giving a general description of the term life cycle. The life cycle is a progression through a series of differing stages of development. Project life or product life cycle cycle actually defines steps or phases that each product...


Program Management with Real-Life Program Management Examples

Big and complicated works are called as program. But, what is program management? What is a program? What is the difference of program management from project management? What is the role and responsibility of a program manager? What is a typical program management life cycle? We will go...


Organizational Structures | What are the Advantages and the Disadvantages of Different Organizational Structures?

The organizational structure, as the name suggests, affetcts the whole organization’s structure. This means the power and the responsibilities of each department. There are three different organizational structures, Functional Organization, Projectized Organization and Matrix Organization. A...


Organizational Structure | 3 Common Types of Organization Structure in Corporate Companies

Every organization has a structure which defines the hierarchy, the distribution of roles or the responsibilities within the organization. The organizational structure of a company affects which department is powerful, which department takes more decisions or which department has less...


How Do Companies Prevent Cyber Attack? | Top 4 Cyber Security Certifications

Cyber attack is an inevitable risk of any business related with information in today's world. A cyber attack that would cause a couple of hours chaos in the information systems can cause billion dollars of business lost. Therefore, cyber attack risk is the primary concern of cyber security and...


How did I Earn 60 PMP PDU? | Tips to Get PMP PDU Hours

Earning your PMP certification is a challenge. However, it does not end when you get your PMP certification. You need to retain your PMP certification with PMP PDU hours in each 3 years. It might be tiring to find PMP PDU sources when you are at the end of your PMP CCR cycle. In this article, I...


Top 5 Stakeholder Analysis Techniques in Projects | Stakeholder Analysis in Project Management

Stakeholders are critical to the success or failure of a project. That is why stakeholder analysis is a critical part of project management as well. Briefly, stakeholder analysis will help to determine stakeholders of a project. We will see who the stakeholders are, why we need stakeholder...


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