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PMP Exam Prep Tips from a PMP Coach

2017 has just rolled in. If you are a project manager eyeing for that promotion, raise or even that dream project to get into - chances are that you've made a resolution to get your PMP this year. You might have even started your PMP exam prep. You would do well to hit this goal this year...


Project Team | Definition of the Project Team

We hear the term Project Team very often. In this article, we are going to review the Project Team definition. But let’s start with the definition of the project itself. A project is a temporary endeavor with a beginning and an end, which creates a unique product, service or result. Naturally,...


Project Governance | What is Project Governance in Project Management?

Project Governance is an ultimate part of the project. During a project, many decisions are made. If these decisions can be made within a structure, we can say that this project has a good Project Governance. The outcomes of this particular project will be successful thanks to the Project...


Stakeholder Definition | What is the Stakeholder Definition in Project Management?

You will hear the ‘Stakeholder’ term too frequently in the project management world. In this article, we are going to review the stakeholder definition. Stakeholder definition can be explained as the people whose interests may be positively or negatively affected by the project. So we can say...


Enterprise Environmental Factors in Project Management | What Are the Enterprise Environmental Factors?

As a project manager, you can face many obstacles or problems during a project. Some of them may be caused by lack of planning or by some other reasons tat you can control. But there will be some conditions which you cannot control as well. These are called Enterprise Environmental Factors. Even...


Organizational Process of Project Management | Organizational Process Assets

Projects can be considered as a ‘processes’ in general. They have a beginning, an end and between these two different dates, there is a ‘process’ going on. Organizational process of project management has several process assets. What assets are considered as organizational process assets? What is...


Project Constraints Definition | 7 Common Project Constraints

Project constraints affect the success or failure of a project directly. Project managers must be very cautious about monitoring and controlling project constraints throughout the project. What is the dictionary definition of project constraints? What are the 7 common project constraints? What is...


Top 10 Most Paying Companies for Project Managers

According to Herzberg's theory, salary is a hygiene factor in the workplace and a higher salary will not bring positive satisfaction or lead to higher motivation. Although this is a well-known theory in project management world, most of the project managers look for the highest paying companies...


Management by Objectives (MBO)

We hear the term "objective" to often in our professional life. Company objectives, project objectives, department objectives etc. What is objective? What is project objectives? What is management by objectives? What are the practices of management by objectives (MBO) philosophy? We will...


IT Governance Roles

IT governance departments of companies play a vital role in describing how rules, processes, and policies will be applied throughout the organization. Size and work load of an IT Governance department is generally proportional to the size of the company. What does an IT Governance department do...


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