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Online CCNA Certification Training

CCNA Certification is the entry level certification for Cisco Certification in Networking Area. CCNA Certification is provided by Cisco and it is one of the most demanded certification by employers for the entry level Network Management professions. How is the experience of online CCNA...


Interrelationship of Project, Program and Portfolio

We have seen the definitions of project, program and portfolio. We have seen also examples of project, program and portfolio. But what is the relation ship of project, program and portfolio? To make a better illustration on your mind, lets see the interrelationship of project, program and...


Top 10 Job Search Tips

Do you think that finding a job is challenging? Are there any tips for job search? What are the common job search tips? In this article, we will go through the Top 10 Job Search Tips. How To Find A New Job: Top 10 Job Search Tips When a brand new year begins, it brings the winds of change along....


10 Best Business Networking Tips

With the evolution of information age, the whole world is connected. You can find a freelancer from India while your business in US. Or you can get the opinion of a colleague in a different country if you are working a multinational company. With the emerging connectivity of business networking,...


Top 6 Movies for Project Managers to Watch

Project management is the trending profession of the recent years. What is project management? Why the importance of project management and project managers is increasing? We can briefly define the project management as the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project...


Definition of Program and Portfolio

There might be several projects ongoing in an organization or company. Organizations organize projects under programs and portfolios. Project management world approaches to project, program and portfolio in a structural hierarchy. What is a program? What is a portfolio? In this post, we will go...


Scrum XP Hybrid

Scrum is for sure the most popular Agile methodology. However, as all other frameworks and methodologies, Scrum has its own weaknesses as well. In order to complement weakness of Scrum, other Agile methodologies can be used together to reach success. Extreme Programming (XP) is one of the methods...


Ami Modi Passed the PMP Certification Exam!

Ami Modi prepared the PMP certificiation exam with the online PMP certification training of Master of Project Academy and cleared the exam successfully. Ami sent us a testimonial regarding her PMP study plan and how she passed the PMP certification exam. Here is how Ami Modi cracked the PMP...


ITIL Definitions #2 - Function

ITIL Definition of terms is critical to understand IT Service Management basics and ITIL Foundation. In our previous ITIL Definitions article, we have explained ITIL definition of terms, ITIL definition for service, ITIL Definition for IT Service and ITIL Definition for IT Service Management. In...


Master of Project Academy Exceeded 50,000 Professionals

Master of Project Academy – World’s #1 Affordable & Flexible Online Certification Training Provider Master of Project Academy was founded in 2012 by Resit Gulec as a Project Management and IT Service Management blog. In September 2014, Master of Project Academy prepared and published its...


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