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What Career is Right for me?

Time to time, you might be asking this questions to yourself "what career is right for me?". There is no exact path to find right career for you. But, there are tips to find right career in your professional life. In this post, we will investigate "what career is right for me" and give tips for...


Online Agile Scrum Certification Training

Agile Scrum Certification is trending since 2000s with the increasing demand for software development. Agile Scrum Certification is provided by various instutions. But the most popular Agile Scrum Certification providing instutions are Scrum Alliance, and PMI. How is the experience of...


ITIL Service Lifecycle Structure

ITIL Service Lifecycle is the main brick of ITIL Foundation, which is one of the most popular frameworks for IT service management. ITIL Framework lies back on these ITIL Service Lifecycles and ITIL certification exam relies on ITIL Service Lifecycle structure. In this article, we will go over...


5 Daily Habits of Successful People

Definition of success is different for every person, but one thing is for sure: success is a process, not a goal that you can reach in one day, so it takes time. Also, success is a relative concept, it depends on your life, your objectives and yourself. Even if the definition of success varies...


Definition of Operational Work

Debates about project or operational work are inevitable in a company. Although some unique works are called as operational work, some repetitive and recurring activities may be called as project. In this article, we will describe the operational work, and give an example for the operational...


What is ITIL?

ITIL is the abbreviation of Information Technology Infrastructure Library or IT Infrastructure Library. What does ITIL propose for a company? What are the principles of ITIL? We will explore ITIL in this post. What is ITIL? ITIL is actually set of BEST PRACTICES for IT Service Management. Main...


Cisco's New CCNA R/S 200-125 Certification Training is now available on Our Platform

New Course Added to Portfolio We are happy to announce that our training for Cisco's newest certification CCNA R/S 200-125 is ready. Cisco's entry level certification exam for network management, CCNA 200-120, has been updated on 21st August 2016. Our instructor Lazaro Diaz was continuously...


5 Essential Tips for an Effective Business Meeting

We can not think of a company which doesn’t hold business meetings. When there is more than one people working in a company, it becomes a necessity to hold business meetings, regularly or not, in order to achieve the desired progress. Therefore business meetings are a fundamental part of the...


PMP Exam Structure

Regardless of how experienced you are in the field of project management, you would still need to scratch your head with books for a long number of hours if you intend to pass the pmp exam and claim one of the hottest and most prestigious certification that is available in the modern world. ...


​Work Life Balance Tips

Sometimes the challenging professional life pushes us to forget to spare the necessary time to our personal life. For many people, it’s a real struggle to have a good work life balance because most of us, might not even notice the existence of such a concept. In our day, with our mobile phones...


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