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  5 Steps of Project Manager Interview Simulation

project manager interview simulation

Welcome to Project Manager Interview Simulation Session! Please read below to learn how to conduct your Project Manager Inverview Simulation session and steps that will be followed during this process.

Step #1: Schedule your Project Manager Interview Simulation session in the next lecture.

Step #2: Send your CV to following email address:

If you send us the position description and company information in your email, it will be perfect for us to prepare custom questions for your project manager interview simulation. However, it is not mandatory and you do not have to share this information.

Step #3: At the time of your Project Manager Interview Simulation, join the following live room . The interviewer will be in this live room with you to conduct your Project Manager Interview Simulation.

Step #4: The first part of the interview will be a realistic project manager interview and the interviewer will assess your background and skills. During the interview, he will take notes and evaluate your skills match with the position you applied for.

At the end of the interview, interviewer will provide a short evaluation about how you performed. He will give information about your weaknesses and improvement areas.

Step #5: After the Project Manager Interview Simulation, we will be sending a detailed report in 24 hours about your interview performance including notes on questions.

You will be able to see the level of your skills and background match for the position you applied for.

E.g. “Your skills and background match 87% of the requirements of position you applied for”

If you enrolled in two-sessions, you can schedule your second session from the next lecture as well.