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  PMP Certification Requirements

Roger Mak
Hi Resit

After completing this course, will I be able to get a course certificate. I;ve selected for PMP audit need to show proof of education. Does this course qualify for it? Thanks

Resit Gulec
Hi Roger,

Yes, you will be receiving certificate of completion after you completed the course. Please email at [email protected] once you completed.
Roger Mak
Great thanks!
Kristina Rodgers
Roger have you taken your exam yet? Did you pass? Resit, how long does it take to receive the it automatic or do we have to request it?
Roger Mak
I am on vacation so haven't taken examin yet feeling well prepared after taking this course. As Resit said, once you refinish this course, email [email protected] to request a copy of the certificate. PMP application asks for the certificate when it selects to audit your qualification.
Resit Gulec
Hi Kristina,

Once you complete our course, email at [email protected] and our team will be sending in 24 hours.
I have B.Sc. degree (10+2+2 years).
I need 4500 hours leading and directing projects OR I need 7500 hours leading and directing projects?
Thanks, its clear now.
Resit Gulec
Hi Arif,

Since you have BsC degree, if you have 3+ years experience, it will be sufficient to sit for PMP exam.
Marco Parillo
Happy to be hear
Resit Gulec
Welcome Marco!
Sarah O' Dwyer
I have a 3 year Bachelors Degree and a 1 year Masters Degree. Do I fit in the second category? I have three years of PM experience and 4500 hours of leading/directing projects. I would like to do the Master of Project Academy course so then I will have my 35 hours of education.
Thank you!
Resit Gulec
Hi Sarah,

What you told fits for the PMP eligibility requirements. Once you completed this 35 contact hours PM education, you will be ready to sit for PMP exam!
Patrick Mba
Great stuff! Will be using my PMBOK alongside.
Flora Epoupa
The requirements are clear and simple.
certificate of completion of the 35 hours
work experience on project for minimum of 3 years
4 year bachelor's degree
Resit Gulec
exactly (if you have a BsC or similar degre).
Hi , do i need to buy PMP handbook?
Resit Gulec
Hi LetchumiRK,

Our course is comprehensive to get ready for the PMP exam. Minority of our students tend to follow PMBOK besides our course. It is up to you.
i have a three year bachelor degree. I have overall 13+ yrs of experience. Which category do I fall in ?
Resit Gulec
Hi Amitabh,

Is your 13+ years of experience in projects? If more than 3 years of your experience is in projects, you will be qualified to sit for PMP.
Ella Edwards
Great to know that with a Master's 4500 hours are needed.
Rohit Agrawal
Great Information. Cleared my confusion on reqs.
Resit Gulec
Thanks Rohit.