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  Application Methods

ravel jusray Massamba
so it means if you have bachelor degree in project mgt but don't have 3 years
project mgt experience you can sit on pmp exam.
thank you Resit
Resit Gulec
Hi Ravel,

If you have a Bachelors degree or above, you must have 3+ years of project experience to be eligible to sit for PMP exam.

We created a PMP eligibility test that will assess whether a candidate is eligible for PMP. You can test yourself!
Patrick Mba
I prefer online application
Resit Gulec
My recommendation is online application as well.
Satish Raghavan
I have my profile created earlier on PMI website
Please do i have to wait to finish the lecture before i start filling the application?
Resit Gulec
Hi Onyekachi,

In order to apply for PMP, you must have completed a 35 hours project management training first. Therefore, please complete the course, and then apply for PMP as instructed in the 1st section of the course.
Pamela Tuggle Miles
Do I have to complete an application before I complete all the courses? If not, why are the first lectures about the application process?
Resit Gulec
Hi Pamela,

It does not just explain steps for application. 1st section provides info about pmp eligibility requirements, exam content, audit process etc. Therefore, it is an overview information about PMP.
Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Khalaf