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Since we started in 2012, we helped more than 200,000 professionals in more than 180 countries to pass their certification exams.

99.6% First Attempt Pass Rate

Our students' first attempt pass rate in certification exams is unbelievable: 99.6%

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Professionals from Fortune 500 Companies

By enrolling in Master of Project Academy courses, you will have chance to learn project management theory and practices with thousands of world-class professionals. Professionals enrolled in Master of Project Academy courses from 100+ companies including these fine companies.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All of your purchases from Master of Project Academy are under 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you purchased a course in last 30 days and did not exceed the 10% of the overall course progress, and for any reason, if you did not like it, just email us.

We will refund all amount you paid. So, you have nothing to lose.

Our overall refund rate is less than 1%

Pay As You Learn

We have three flexible pricing plans for each course and bundle: monthly, annual and lifetime. You don't have to pay high prices for six-month or one-year access although you believe that you can complete the courses earlier. You can opt for monthly pricing plans in Master of Project Academy and cancel your subscription at any time you want. You will have access to all course materials regardless of the pricing plan you opt for.

Enroll in FREE Courses - No Credit Card Required

Although we provide 30-day money back guarantee, you might want to see some sample course materials before you pay. That is totally fine! We have several free courses for PMP, CAPM, PMI-ACP, ITIL, Six Sigma and even more. Enroll and check the quality of our materials before you pay. We do not require credit cards for enrolling in free courses.

Lena's Experience with Master of Project Academy

Lena is only one of the 200,000+ happy Master of Project Academy students.

Don Beat the PMP Exam Records!

Don scored "above target" on all PMP domains. Read Don's PMP story to learn how he prepared.

Leonid's PMI-ACP Exam Journey

Leonid enrolled in PMI-ACP training from Master of Project Academy and passed the exam in his 1st attempt.

You’ll be as happy as our 200,000+ professionals community.

Lena, Don and Leonid are only three of them!

Seasoned Instructors Answer Questions in 24 Hours

You will feel like you are in classroom training and instructors are responsive. For each lecture, you will see the questions of your peers, answers of the instructors and you will be able to raise your questions easily through these discussion areas. Our instructors are committed to course discussion area and they answer student queries in less than 24 hours!

Comprehensive and Always Up-to-Date Course Materials

The world is changing, even if the project management theories remain same, practical implications are evolving day by day. Our courses will prepare you for certification exams with always up-to-date course materials. You will not only learn project management knowledge to pass the exams, but also how these concepts are applied in real-world projects.

24/7 Customer Support

For any kind of questions, we are always ready to help you, 24 hours of a day and seven days of a week. Just email us, and we will turn back to you in less than 24 hours.

You can try! Should you have any questions, just email us and see how fast we are!