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Lakeshore Management is a property management company specializing in mobile home parks. The company has 120 different properties across 9 different states in the US. The company has several ongoing projects running for several years. The company wanted to improve the project management competence among the project managers and organization.

Cassidy: "It was a great experience and I am glad to share it. The training was so catered and customed to what our needs were. I would definitely suggest Master of Project Academy."

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Don't let the lack of the "required competence" ruin your organization's objectives

Based on a Harvard Business Review (HBR) research, 1,471 projects have been examined, comparing their budgets and estimated performance benefits with the actual costs and results.

The average overrun was 27% — but that figure masks a far more alarming one. Graphing the projects’ budget overruns reveal a “fat tail”—a large number of gigantic overages. Fully one in six of the projects that HBR studied was a black swan, with a cost overrun of 200%, on average, and a schedule overrun of almost 70%.

Therefore, when a project starts, the critical skills and competence must be available in the project team to complete the project on time and on budget.

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Fortune 500 companies including Google, Amazon, IBM, and many more train their employees with online courses. Google teaches its 80,000+ software engineers with online training programs. Online corporate training is more affordable for corporations and more efficient for employees.

Training your employees online saves budget and workforce.

Since your employees will attend online and self-paced courses, they will not have to leave their daily job. Besides, cost advantage will bring a highlight in your company's cost cutting targets.

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Alan Hester works at MGM Resorts as a Senior Project Manager

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