About Us

About Master of Project Academy

Helped 200,000+ professionals in 180+ countries to enhance their skills and advance their career. At their pace, at their place!

Our Philosophy

No policies

We do not have policies describing what to do when to our people. We show the history of best practices and expect our new comers to inspire us!

No hierarchy

We do not have an organization chart. Instead, we have work organization. Each piece of work has a lead and the lead is self-engaged to do the best.

No fixed schedules

We have targets, we have deadlines but we do not have a fixed working hour schedule. We set the targets and deadlines in collaboration, and expect each team member to self-schedule him or herself to meet the plans.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the ultimate place for professionals where they advance their career with our premium and life-changing online courses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare and publish affordable and premium courses for the professionals that they would need for a better career. Extending knowledge sharing with our growing and learning community. Helping professionals to improve their skill sets. Making premium and professional education affordable and accessible at professionals’ own place, at their pace.

Our Core Value


We value each and every single comment of our community to improve our quality further. More than 40% of the new visitors coming through colleague or friend referral shows how we treat our community.


We aim to do the best in every single step we take. Professionalism comes with experience and well-education. We learn and experience more every day than the day before to serve the best for our community.


We believe that the best results comes with the best time to work on an activity. We set targets, deadlines and walk through the path to success. However, we do not set fixed schedules to reach those targets.

Our Story

Master of Project Academy was born out of rehearsals of Resit Gulec’s Project Management courses delivered in University for undergrad and MBA students. These rehearsals drove the ever growing interest of professionals in more than 170 countries. Now, we are growing with new instructors, and employees joining our team. Our mission is to make career growing premium courses easily accessible and affordable for professionals

Our Team

Resit Gulec

Founder & CEO

Madison Hanna

PR Manager

Aysema Koskos

Customer Relations Lead

Daniel Wililams

Content Development

Onur Arslanoglu

Content Development

Mehmet Tufekyapan

Growth Wizard

Emily Hartwood

Affiliate Relations & Marketing Manager

Cemre Akkartal

Content Editor

Gorkem Turhal

UI/UX Designer

Leanie Louw

Content Editor

Calvine Barongo

Content Author

Sunanda Gundavajhala

Content Author


Resit Gulec

Instructor of Project Management Courses

Frederick Hilkowitz

Instructor of Project Management Courses

Patrick Jackson

Instructor of Project Management Courses

Lazaro Diaz

Instructor of Cisco Networking Courses

Kerim Yuksel

Instructor of IT Service Management Courses

Nilesh Bhanushali

Instructor of Six Sigma Courses

Mohamed Atef

Instructor of Cyber Security Courses