Time to time, you might be asking this questions to yourself "what career is right for me?". There is no exact path to find right career for you. But, there are tips to find right career in your professional life. In this post, we will investigate "what career is right for me" and give tips for choosing the right career.

What career is right for me? Tips for choosing the right career

Our career defines, without any doubt, the great majority of our whole life. A job can be only for a temporary period, but the career path is a long way… This is a path you follow and along the way you improve yourself in a specific field of interest. The definition of a successful career depends on your ambitions, values, skills, and so on. If you take a wrong career path which doesn’t match your personal traits, this can mean you are risking your overall happiness and success. So choosing the right career has a significantly positive effect in our lives.

Especially, if you are newly graduated from college or just about to make a change in your career path asking yourself “What career is right for me?” is a meaningful starting point for building your self-awareness. But if you ask yourself this question only, you won’t probably get the correct answer. You have to deepen your inner but also outer research. In other words, you should ask questions about your motivations, skills and personality type as well. Also, you have to know better about the economic, promotional and working conditions of the industries in which you are considering to take a step. After getting the answers for all of these, your final answer to “What career is right for me?” question would probably be more accurate.

So what do you have to consider for choosing the right career? We listed some tips to help you, if you feel yourself at a crossroads.

what career is right for me

Finding about what you love is a good starting point to choose the right career

The famous quote says: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. As motivational as it may sound, it doesn’t help us for finding what we love or if we really should pursue that thing we love for our career. To love doing something is one thing, but making it into a career is another. Because choosing the right career is not only about passion, it depends on other things as well. The passion is a good starting point but it’s a little bit too broad, so narrowing down what you love and what you can actually do depending on your skills and personality, will be more helpful for you.

For choosing the right career you should be aware of your personality

If there is a disharmony between what you are doing and who you really are, it can lead you to a unhappy and also unsuccessful career. The highly successful people are the lucky ones who could find the career which suits them the best and this was the key to their success. If you are an extrovert you can pursue the positions in which you can be social and impress the others with your interpersonal skills. A job which will pin you in front of a computer for hours, will probably bore you. Another example is, if you value helping others in your personal life, you should think about choosing a career in order to fulfill this ambition of yours. If you are not sure about how to know more about your personality, you may consider taking a personality test to begin with.

Find what you are good at for choosing the right career

This is a simple equation, if you are good at doing something, you will be motivated by doing it and this motivation will make you happier. You can ask your colleagues, your friends or your tutors what they think you are mostly good at. Other people’s point of views can give you new perspectives and these can assist you to specify your skills and abilities. Thinking about your school years is also a good way to find out about your skills. What subjects you were enjoying, or in which ones you were particularly good. These are good clues to find out if you are in a right career path.

what career is right for me

To choose the right career you should also think about the future

Deciding "what career is right for me" is not only restricted to your skills and passion. You should also think which lifestyle you would prefer. If you have a family and kids, or intend to do so, you won’t probably be happy with a career which requires lots of traveling or long working hours. You must decide to choose a career in which you will more likely acquire a good work life balance. When you think about the future, you should also consider your financial security. This aspect is not about making a good amount of money, it again depends on your life conditions. If your salary is not relatively high, but it is still enough to support your intended lifestyle, than it can be considered as an ideal amount of money for you.

Be open to try new things for choosing the right career

To discover the right career path for yourself, you must be open to many possibilities. This tip can apply to young professionals but also more experienced ones as well. There are many ways to explore new things. The best part of it is that you don’t have to quit your current job. You can explore freelancer websites and try to get a new project different than your daily tasks at work. Or you can enroll to an online course to be able to see your industry from a new point of view. You can ask your manager to give you other responsibilities. This last tip applies really well in the start-up companies, because as they begin working with a few people, they need more multi skilled employees. If you work in a start-up, you can easily ask to get different responsibilities.

So there are many questions to be considered when you are about to choose your new career. Even if you are not thinking to change your career path right now, these questions may come in handy because they are a good mind exercises to know yourself a little bit better.

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what career is right for mewhat career is right for mewhat career is right for me

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