Why should I create a FREE Course?

Master of Project Academy offers free courses for 2 reasons mainly.

1- Increasing Conversions

Our site uses a smart popup. When a new visitor tends to leave Master of Project Academy after his visit, following popup is displayed.

After student enters his email and submits, he is redirected to our "FREE courses" category: http://masterofproject.com/courses/category/FREE%2...

Then, you will have a chance to get new students for your FREE courses. If you provide a discount coupon for your priced courses at the end of your FREE courses, you will have good conversions respectively.

We do recommend you to put at least 5 meaningful lectures into your free course. Make sure that, with that free course, student will complete a reasonable learning objective. Make sure that students will be encouraged to enroll in your full course after enrolling in the free one.

2- Reducing Refunds

Based on our analysis, we found that, when we put only a small portion of our priced courses for free, refunds for our complete courses decreased. Because, students find a chance to check course quality and evaluate the courses before the purchase.