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2018 CAPM Certification Cost - All Aspects

CAPM certification is the entry level project management certification of PMI. CAPM certification cost is a critical aspect for CAPM certification aspirants. Many CAPM certification candidates consider only CAPM certification cost of exam and training. However, there are other aspects of CAPM...


Top 7 Project Management Software for 2018

Project Management Software is a must to have tool for Project Managers. Project Management Software can ease many project management activities including planning, communication, cost and many other aspects of a project. When you google project management software, you will see hundreds of...


PMP 2018 - 7 Key Changes in PMBOK 6th Edition

Now, it is final! PMI- Project Management Institute aims to publish PMBOK 6th edition in 2017 Q3. This is from the horse’s mouth- information on PMI website. But what is changing from the PMBOK 5th edition to PMBOK 6th edition? How will the PMBOK 6th edition change impact me? From when will...


PRINCE or PRINCE2 Which one is Better? | PRINCE2 vs PMP 2018

PRINCE2 and PMP are most renowned project management certifications. What is PRINCE2 and PMP? How to opt for PRINCE2 vs PMP? What are the advantages of PRINCE2 vs PMP? We will go through detailed analysis of PRINCE2 vs PMP. Which one should I opt for PRINCE or PRINCE2? | PRINCE2 vs PMP It was...


2018 PMP Certification Cost - All Aspects

PMP certification cost is a critical aspect for PMP certification aspirants. Many PMP certification candidates consider only PMP certification cost of exam and training. However, there are other aspects of PMP certification cost. What are the different aspects of PMP certification cost? How much...


2018 PMP Study Plan for Working Professionals

PMP is world’s most recognized certification for project management profession. But earning the PMP Certificate might be challenging especially if you are a working professional, finding time to study PMP might be hard. Is there any PMP study plan? Which PMP study plan will fit me? What are the...


PMP Certification Training Review - Andrew passed PMP!

More than 50,000 students enrolled in Online PMP Certification Training provided by Master of Project Academy. PMP training from Master of Project Academy is designed to ensure that our students clear the PMP exam in their first attempt. Our hands-on training approach, entrusted by 50,000+...


Service Owners in ITIL Service Management: What are the Service Owner’s Tasks in Service Management?

IT service providers may have one or many services that they sell to customers. For each of these services there has to be a service owner The official definition of a service owner in ITIL service management is this: the role that is accountable for the delivery of a specific IT service. The...


Project Management Process Groups: What are the Five Process Groups in Project Management?

Project Management has several knowledge areas. The project management processes are a part of those project management knowledge areas. All of these project management processes belong to five major project management process groups. These project management process groups are called initiating,...


The Process Owner in the ITIL Process: What is the ITIL Process Owner’s responsibilities?

The official definition of an ITIL process owner is the role that is responsible for ensuring that an ITIL process is fit for purpose. An ITIL process has inputs and outputs. Based on predefined triggers and inputs, an ITIL process owner follows a set of activities that generates outcomes.The...


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