PMP Exam Change took place on 11th of Han 2016. After the PMP exam change, one of Master of Project Academy PMP aspirant took the new PMP Exam. In this post, we share his experiences and recommendations in this post.

Feedback of a Recent PMP Exam Taker, After the PMP Exam Change

Maurizio Noseda Peraglio, from Italy, took the exam on 18th Jan 2016 after the PMP Exam Change took place on 11th of Jan 2016. Maurizio enrolled in PMP Certification Training course and assessed his readiness for the real exam with PMP Exams & PMP Math Lectures course before sitting for the exam.

pmp exam change

Following is Maurizio's feedback after he passed the exam regarding the new PMP exam content.

"Hi Resit, I passed PMP exam on Jan 18th after the PMP Exam Change :-) here's a few comments:

-There is not a single question about ethics etc. I am not sure about whether it was just by chance, or PMI doesn't stress that part very much.
- Formula based questions were tricky, just remembering formulas is not enough, make sure you remember what to use and when!
- There are lots of situational questions about initiating phase.
Overall, exam was though, I usually get exams done in half of the given time. It took me 3.5 hours to finish this one. I suggest to use marking of questions and striking of clearly invalid answers to save time when reviewing answers. There's just not enough time to go trough 200 questions twice.
I prepared attending PMP Certification Training course, then I practiced with PMP Exams Course, and went trough PMBOK twice. Once I was done with that, some 6 or 7 practice exams.
I did not notice a single question regarding new exam structure after the pmp exam change. No noticeable difference with the PMP Exams simulations I did. Test takers shouldn't be afraid of taking the new exam.

My suggestions:

- Don't just skim trough PMBOK, there's a wealth of questions you'll get right by reading it carefully.
- Do lots of practice exams, mark down for review answers you get wrong or right by guessing. that will help you to fill the gaps, I had some 130 topics marked for review one week before the exam.
- DO study processes inputs&output thoroughly
- Consider cultural differences, your work experience might fail you if you live in a non anglo-saxon/western country.
Overall, PMP exam is darn though, I studied like I never did for a certification exam, and I feel my chances of passing would have been lower if I hadn't.
Hope this helps fellow test takers,

pmp exam change

Maurizio Noseda Peraglio, 34 years old, is from Italy and has a degree in IT Engineering. He worked in the digital TV industry, managing integration projects and doing PMO activity within the professional services team of his organization.
Maurizo tells that he spent around 100 hours overall to get ready for the exam. He succeeded 3 proficient and 2 moderately proficient in the exam. He was scoring around 80% from PMP Exams.

PMP Exam Change on 11th of Jan 2016

PMP Exam Change took place on 11th January 2016. Although the majority of the content remains same, new tasks are added to each 4 domains (initiating, planning, executing and montioring & controlling) in updated exam format.

What is the PMP Exam Change?

There are minor changes. For instance, project evaluation techniques will be coming in questions. Benefit Cost Ratio, IRR, Payback Ratio etc. will be coming as questions and these are already covered in the PMP Certification Training course and in our practice exams as well.

Also number of questions that will appear from executing domain will increase by 1% while closing domain weight is reduced by 1%.

Is there a change on PMBOK version?

PMBOK 5th Edition is still the most recent version of PMBOK. But PMI is working on PMBOK 6th edition and it is planned to be published in 2017 Q1. You can read what is changing in pmbok 6 here.

But note that, PMBOK is not the only source for PMP examination. You will see questions in the exam that do not appear as topic in PMBOK. This is mentioned in the webinar of PMI you will see from the following link as well. But our PMP Certification Training course covers all PMBOK5 content and even more that will come as questions in the exam.

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pmp exam changepmp exam changepmp exam change

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