We hear the term "Best Practice" too often in our professional daily life. Intuitively, we know that best practices are widely applied methods for doing something.

But have you ever wondered how Best Practices are formed in an industry? Here is the answer in a 2 minute video.

What is Best Practice?

ITIL is actually set of BEST PRACTICES for IT Service Management.

The distinction between Best Practice and Good Practice is:

  • Best Practices are proven activities or processes that have been successfully used by multiple organizations but not yet become common industry practice.
  • On the other hand, Good Practices are practices that are in wide industry use, they are Best Practices that have been commonly applied.

It will be better to illustrate this distinction better in your mind. Let’s say that there has been a successful innovation in the industry. There are several organizations in the industry, and multiple organizations started to adopt this innovation. Then, this is an example of “Best Practice”.

what is best practice

Note that, successful innovations gradually become best practices.

During time, if these best practices are adopted by majority of the organizations in the industry, Then, this is an example of “Good Practice”.

Best Practices quickly become Good Practices and these become generally recognized principles in the industry respectively. Actually, Good Practices are what we make of Best Practices.

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what is best practicewhat is best practicewhat is best practice

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what is best practice