We are part of the business world. But have you ever wondered what is the daily routine of the business people in today's world? What do business people do in common? In this post, we will go over the daily routine of the business people.

The Daily Routine of the Business People: What are the most cliche every day activities of the office workers?

The daily routine of working people is really similar to each other, regardless of the industry or the kind of office they are working in. We all have a busy schedule ahead of us every day... How do we cope with it? Do we manage to finish the day successfully? We know there’s a pattern in the daily habits of highly successful people, but there’s also a pattern in our daily routines as well. Some of our daily routines are efficient, but to be honest we should admit that some of them are only unproductive.

the daily routine of the business people

In this post, we listed 12 most cliche and funny every day activities for business people. Let’s find out how many of them will sound familiar to you!

1-Waking up: The hardest daily activity of business people is waking up. The cruel alarm goes off every morning and reminds us our professional responsibilities awaiting us. At this point, most of us think of hitting the snooze button, and most of us do that. Because some minutes of extra sleep is more valuable than one big chunk of pure gold!

2-Skipping breakfast: These extra minutes of sleep may cost us a healthy meal. Within the rush to leave home, we can easily sacrifice our most important duty to our body: to give it the necessary nutrition. So that, results as an another cliché daily routine for us: to grab some pastry on the go, instead of indulging ourselves a healthy omelette at home...

3-Drinking Coffee: Coffee is like business people’s fuel. We can skip breakfast easily but never the coffee. Because our day really starts after the first sip of our favorite type, bought from our favorite coffee shop. As the day goes on, e-mail after e-mail, meeting after meeting, our system requires more and more caffeine. This is why the place where the coffee machine is located, is the best place to socialize in the office!

4-Daily Commute: Like the waking up is not hard enough, we also have to face the obstacles that awaits us along the way to the office. Traffic jam, bad weather, crowded public transports, dull faces of the fellow travelers. We believe in the power of music as it is the only thing that helps during this though adventure. May our digital music subscription never ends and the phone’s battery never dies!

5-Social media posts: Our social media accounts somehow defines how the others see us. In a way, they are like the showcase of our life. So as cliche as it may be as a daily routine, we all post some fancy pictures of our morning coffee, the lunch we had, or just a little ‘#throwback’ to our previous holiday. There is no better way to procrastinate!

6-Meetings: Spending hours in the meeting room, trying to concentrate on the subject while another important task awaits you is a challenging daily activity. Because, unfortunately effective meetings are rare in the working environments. If you find yourself drawing surrealist doodles in your diary just keep going, maybe this is the chance to develop your artistic skills.

the daily routine of the business people

7-Planning the next holiday: This is true that we all work for vacations. So why not spend some time to dream about your next one? In a stressful day you may easily find yourself checking flights to a tropical island, exploring the holiday rentals, or just reading a blog about a city you’d always like to visit. Your body may be in the office but your mind is traveling all over the world! Daydreaming gives us more power to go on with our daily struggles. If you can limit yourself to a fair point, planning a holiday as a daily activity, shouldn’t be considered as a waste of time.

8-Lunch break: This is the second much awaited time of the day (the first one is the quitting time of course!). This is when you can have a proper break, maybe some fresh air and of course a chance to socialize with your colleagues. But is this every day routine an easy task? Of course not! The friend who’s always on a diet, the conflict between the vegetarian and the meat lover, the picky one: these people will always be the barriers between you and your well deserved lunch!

9-Talking with cliche phrases: Let’s admit that we have a whole different vocabulary at work: “Think outside the box”, “a win-win situation”, “on my radar”, “by the end of the day”, "for your information" "get back to you", and so on. We can hear and say most of these cliche phrases many times during an ordinary day in the office. Nobody actually likes them, but everybody use them as a daily routine at work, just like we have some kind of a ‘foreign language’ in our offices.

10-Talking about TV series: “Did you see the latest episode of Game of Thrones?” “Have you started to watch the new show on Netflix?”. These are the questions we hear from colleagues maybe more frequently than “How is your project going?”. TV series are one of the major themes for socializing in the office, and that makes this kind of conversations another cliche daily activity. You can make friends with people with who you share your taste, or make enemies with the ones who just couldn’t stop telling spoilers about your favorite series!

11-Going to gym (or skipping it): As office workers, we almost spend all day sitting in front of our computer screens. This mandatory habit brings along many problems, back pains, neck pains and sometimes an unfit body… We can easily reverse this situation if only we could spare two or three hours a week to head for the gym. Have you ever been enrolled to a fitness center, bought all the fancy equipment and stopped going there, only after a couple of times? We all did. So as a common daily activity of business people, we can count ‘skipping the gym’ as well!

12-Going out with friends: Socializing is an important part of our daily routine. That’s why we should give permission to ourselves to let off some steam sometimes. But we all experienced that, planning this meeting with friends is a process full of cliches! Deciding on a date that suits to everyone and after that finding the place which everyone will like, this is all hard work. When you finally agreed on these and the meeting time has come, one of you will probably excuse him/herself by saying “Can’t make it, I’ll work overtime!”

These are the funny situations that we usually find ourselves during a routine working day. There’s no point of being ashamed of them, but to be aware of them can be the first step to adjust yourself into a more efficient lifestyle, in which you can achieve a better work & life balance.

Can you think of any other cliche daily routines in your ordinary working day? Just login and comment below!

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the daily routine of the business peoplethe daily routine of the business peoplethe daily routine of the business people

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the daily routine of the business people