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Interrelationship: Framework, Methodology and Process

You should be hearing framework, methodology and process a lot. But do you know how they are interrelated with each other? In this article, we will be describing the interrelationship of framework, methodology and process. Interrelationship: Framework, Methodology and Process Principles are...


What is Framework?

Have you heard framework before? Most probably a lot. Scrum Framework, ITIL Framework, Project Management Methodology Framework... etc. But do you know what framework is? In this article we will describe the term framework. What is Framework? 4.7 out of 5 with 87465...


What is Methodology?

"We will use this methodology in this project", "What will be our methodology to solve this problem"... etc. You should be hearing a lot about methodology in your daily professional life. In this article, we will describe what methodology is. What is Methodology? 4.7 out of 5...


What is Process?

We hear the term "process" too often in our daily professional life. But do we use the term process properly? Do you know what process means? What is process? In this article, we will be going over process. What is Process? 4.8 out of 5 with 68982 ratings Process is simply...


Value of PMP Certificate

A Project Manager's vital step in his career is getting PMP certificate for sure. Almost every employer seeks for PMP certificate for the project management vacancies. Therefore, getting PMP certificate is a must for a Project Manager candidate. What is the value of PMP Certificate? There is...


What is Best Practice?

We hear the term "Best Practice" too often in our professional daily life. Intuitively, we know that best practices are widely applied methods for doing something. But have you ever wondered how Best Practices are formed in an industry? Here is the answer in a 2 minute video. What is Best...


How does Cisco Certifiations (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE) affect salary?

In the current working environment, it can be hard to locate a position in the IT field, especially when just entering the workplace or the field specifically. However, with some experience and the right certifications come additional positions and additional financial incentives. So let's take a...


Agile Strategy

You should be hearing about "agile" everywhere around these days. And also Agile Strategy. But what is Agile Strategy? We will give a brief of Agile Strategy in 200 words in this article. Strategy and agility are often evaluated as poles apart. Strategy traces a clearly defined way over...


Project Management Parody - Exaggeration of a Real-Life Project

-How often do you face scope conflict in your projects? -How often do you feel that the requirements of the project are not feasible? This 7 minute parody is exaggerating how a real-world project meeting goes. Though it is an exaggeration, you will find a piece of your every day professional...


Scrum in 5 Minutes!

Change of technology is at the pace of it was never before. Market conditions, harsh competition and time-to-market are biggest concerns of today's organizations, especially for technology companies. In order to adapt this fast changing environment, most of the organizations adapt Agile Project...


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