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10 Most Common Job Interview Questions

When you are about to make a big step in your career, the job interviews are undoubtedly the key turning points. Whether you will be hired or not will depend on how good you perform in this relatively short time. In other words, you should try to demonstrate to the employer that you are the best...


How to Increase Salary?

Probably, various types of "how to increase salary" question have come to your mind for many times during your professional life. “How can I increase my salary?”, “How can I earn more money?”, “How to ask for a raise from my employer?” and so on. Because in the end, we all want to earn enough...


How I Passed the PMP - Review

Received one of the most prestigious certificate in project management area, PMP®, on 11th Oct 2016 and I must thank Master of Project Academy for providing good learning platform, Mr. Resit Gulec for preparing and providing precise lecture, my wife Seema and kids for supporting throughout (It’s...


Definition of Project

We hear "project" too frequently during our daily and professional life. "When will you start the project?", "I have problems in my project", "I am in the project team" ... etc. But are we using the "project" appropriately? What is the definition of project? What is considered as project and what...


Scrum Product Backlog

Scrum Product Backlog is a Scum Artifact. What is Scrum Product Backlog? What does Scrum Product Backlog define? What are the features of Scrum Product Backlog? In this article, we will describe the Scrum Product Backlog in detail. Scrum Product Backlog Features The Scrum Product Backlog...


Scrum Sprint Backlog

Scrum Sprint Backlog is a Scrum Artifact. What does Scrum Sprint Backlog include? What are the features of Scrum Sprint Backlog? What is a Scrum Sprint Backlog task? In this article, we will describe the Scrum Sprint Backlog in detail. Scrum Sprint Backlog Features The Scrum Sprint Backlog...


Scrum of Scrums (Meta Scrum)

What is "Scrum of Scrums"? Scrum of Scrums, also known as Meta Scrum, is a technique to scale Scrum up to large development groups. Is Scrum of Scrums (Meta Scrum) a methodology? How is Scrum of Scrums (Meta Scrum) applied? What are the charachteristics of Scrum of Scrums (Meta Scrum) ? In this...


Scrum Sprint Review

Scrum Sprint Review is a Scrum Event held at the end of each Scrum Sprint. What is the agenda of the Scrum Sprint Review? Who should attend Scrum Sprint Review? What are the benefits of Scrum Sprint Review? In this article, we will describe the Scrum Sprint Review in detail. Scrum Sprint...


Scrum Events

Scrum events include sprint, sprint planning, daily scrum and sprint retrospective. You can check each scrum events from our articles in detail. In this article, we will summarize the scrum events. How are scrum events are interrelated with each other? What are the durations of scrum events? What...


Scrum Sprint Retrospective

Scrum Sprint Retrospective is a scrum event held after Scrum Sprint Review meeting. What is the agenda of the Scrum Sprint Retrospective? Who should attend the Scrum Sprint Retrospective? What are the benefits of Scrum Sprint Retrospective? In this article, we will describe the Scrum Sprint...


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