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  What is PMP?

Iulia Balaban
Very good and well structured introduction!
Resit Gulec
Thanks for the feedback Lulia!
Flora Epoupa
I am excited about this program.
Resit Gulec
Welcome on board Flora! I wish you a happy learning.
I will be here if you have any questions.
Satish Raghavan
Good introduction on PMP
Resit Gulec
Thanks for the feedback Satish!
Ella Edwards
The tone of the presenter is inviting and I could not wait for the next lesson to start.
Spyros Konstantinidis

I have enrolled in the course with monthly payments. Can i download the handouts ?
Resit Gulec
Sure Spyros,

You will see a download link just below the handout displayed area. You can download the handouts by clicking on those links.
how can i print handouts?
Resit Gulec
Hi Robert,

Handouts are not downloadable in free courses. However, if you enroll in our full course, you will be able to download handouts and all supporting documents.