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A great product is a series of well-executed projects.™

We have worked with hundreds of companies to customize project management training to their industry and aligned with their products:

Increasing team skills by 33% increases the likelihood of stakeholders meeting their objectives from 10% to 100%.*

We can improve your team's performance too!

What Corporate Project Management Clients Are Saying:

Eric, Head of PMO at Google Cloud: "The course was so helpful in preparing us for the PMI PMP exam and to brush up on the core tenets of the PMI PMP methodology. The examples you provided really helped to ground the content."

Carina S., Global Project & Alliance Management at Merck, "Overall, it’s been a great experience for us, and our Instructor was fantastic."

René, Senior Program Manager at Robotic Research: "I’ve taken many, many, many (you get the picture) classes of all types, but yesterday’s class ended in a way I had never witnessed … to applause. The attendees were very pleased with our Instructor and his style of teaching."

Jim, Broadway National: "Thank you for sending our PMP Instructor. She was absolutely amazing to work with."

Cassidy Campbell, Senior Manager at Lakeshore Management: "It was a great experience and I am glad to share it. The training was so catered and customized to what our needs were. I would definitely suggest Master of Project Academy."

Jason, Facility Solutions Manager at The University Hospitals Authority and Trust (UHAT): “Core project management training helped everyone understand the concepts and the fact that a common language has really taken hold is proof of that understanding.”

Client Case Studies

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Remove acumen roadblocks and equip your team with proven strategies and tactics to deliver results.

Some common customer challenges expressed by employees across all functions:

As a Project Manger, what if I don't have the authority over individuals whose efforts I need?

What do I do if my project is not returning a good investment?

How do I navigate colleagues who do not want to adhere to agreed upon deadlines?

What should I do if I am running out of time on my project?

We help your team dominate these challenges and much more!

Why should you opt for training employees online?

Leading Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Amazon, and IBM have turned to Online corporate training as a cost effective and efficient approach to improve employee skills.

Training your employees online saves budget and time.

Online and self-paced courses allow employees to stay engaged. The investment will show in the delivery of your products and services- within scope, on schedule, and under budget.

Why Master of Project Academy?

Client Story from a Fortune 500 Company

Alan Hester works at MGM Resorts as a Senior Project Manager

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We offer all types of project management and agile training and services from certification prep to recertification, coaching to consultancy. You can download our catalog and have an in-depth overview of our corporate training and services portfolio.

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