Free CompTIA® CEU Training Bundle

Our online free CompTIA® CEU training helps you to earn 2 CEU hours for free and guides you to complete CompTIA certification renewal cycle hassle-free.

Free CompTIA® CEU Training includes:

-Sample video lectures, handouts and questions from 60 CompTIA CEU Training Bundle
-Four self-paced Free CEU training courses
–Downloadable free CEU study materials
-Reviews, tips and tricks from recent CompTIA certification renewing professionals
-CompTIA Continuing Education Program requirements and step-by-step guide for CompTIA certification renewal

Enroll in Free CompTIA® CEU Training online, earn 2 CEUs for FREE and learn all you need to know about CompTIA® certification renewal.

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Free CompTIA CEU Training

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  • Sample lectures from 60 CompTIA CEU Course Bundle

  • Downloadable CEU handouts and several materials
  • Four Free CEU courses - worth 2 CEUs in total
  • Tips & tricks from CompTIA certified professionals renewed their certification recently
  • Details about CompTIA CEU - Continuing Education Program requirements
  • CompTIA CEU submission guidance
  • Get prompt answers & support from the instructors within 24 hours!
  • Participate in active discussions with other CompTIA certified professionals.

CompTIA certification is an essential professional requirement across industries for senior cybersecurity and project management roles.
If you are planning to retain your CompTIA certification, this online Free CompTIA CEU training will help you to earn 2 CEUs for Free and guide you regarding CompTIA certification renewal process.
This course is most suited for:

  • CompTIA certified professionals
  • CompTIA certified professionals who have the following certifications: CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Cloud+, CompTIA Linux+, CompTIA CySA+, CompTIA CASP+, CompTIA PenTest+

-What is in this free CompTIA® CEU training online program?

Free CEU course program has four self-paced CEU courses

Free CEU Training #1 - Free Lean Six Sigma Training

First free CompTIA CEU course is Free Lean Six Sigma Training. This training will help you to learn the basics of Lean Six Sigma. You will have the knowledge of what six sigma is, six sigma approach, history of six sigma and the famous D-M-A-I-C process of Six Sigma.
Once you completed this free CompTIA CEU training, you can submit 0.5 CEUs.

Free CompTIA CEU Course #2 - Free Prince2 Course

Second free CompTIA CEU course is Free Prince2 Course. Prince2 is the abbreviation of PRojects IN Controlled Environments. Prince2 is a project management methodology initiated in UK for government projects. However, now, it is widely used around the world as one of the most popular project management frameworks.

Prince2 is a very critical certification if you are aiming to proceed your project management career in UK, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and in many countries of Europe.

In this free Prince2 training, you will learn the fundamentals of Prince2 methodology. Processes and themes of Prince2. At the end of the course, you will be able to submit 0.5 CompTIA CEU hours.

Free CompTIA CEU Course #3 - Free Agile Scrum Course

Third free CompTIA CEU course is Free Agile Scrum Course. Since the 2000s, agile methodologies started to be adapted by most of the software development companies in order to welcome fast-changing requirements of projects. There are several frameworks and methodologies under agile. These are, scrum, test-driven development, pair programming etc. You will learn the basics of agile principles, agile manifesto and also frameworks and methodologies in this free course.

You will earn 0.5 CEU once you completed this course.

Free CEU Training #4 - Free ITSM Course

Fourth and the last free CompTIA CEU training is Free ITSM Training. IT service management is very important for companies and organizations who are managing IT services. ITIL framework provides the best practices of IT service management. In this free ITSM course, you will learn the fundamentals of IT service management, ITIL service lifecycle and processes of each service lifecycle stage.

This free CompTIA CEU training will bring you 0.5 CEU once you completed the course.

Tips & Tricks from CompTIA certified professionals renewed their CompTIA certification recently.

You will learn the details of how to earn CEUs and renew your CompTIA certification easily.

CompTIA Continuing Education Program Requirements

If you have a certification from CompTIA, CompTIA expects you to earn CEUs in every three years to renew your certification and keep "good standing".

Each CompTIA certification has different CEU requirements.

If you have CompTIA A+ certification, you will need 20 CEU hours every three years.

If you have CompTIA Network+ certification, you will need 30 CEU hours every three years.

If you have CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Cloud+ or CompTIA Linux+ certification, you will need 50 CEU hours every three years.

If you have CompTIA CySA+ or CompTIA PenTest+ certification, you will need 60 CEU hours every three years.

If you have CompTIA CASP+ certification, you will need 75 CEU hours every three years.

You can earn CEU hours either from several categories.

  • Complete training and higher education
  • Earn CompTIA Certifications
  • Earn Non-CompTIA IT industry certifications
  • Participate in IT industry activities
  • Publish a relevant article, white paper, blog post, or book
  • Gain related work experience

How to Submit Earned CompTIA CEUs

Once you earned CEU hours, you should submit them in your CompTIA profile to record in the CompTIA system.

Read more about CompTIA Continuing Education Program.


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