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30 Minutes Free Six Sigma Training. Learn about Six Sigma, Six Sigma Requirements, Definition of Six Sigma, Six Sigma Approach and more.

Free Six Sigma Training includes:

-Sample video lectures, handouts and questions from Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Online Training
–Six Articles about Six Sigma
-Six Sigma Eligibility Requirements
-Discount for full Lean Six Sigma Training

Enroll in Free Six Sigma Training online and learn all you need to know about Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

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Free Six Sigma Training

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  • Sample lectures from Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Online training
  • Learn the basics of Six Sigma
  • Learn definition of Six Sigma
  • Learn what Six Sigma is
  • Learn Six Sigma approach
  • Learn Six Sigma as a measure
  • Learn why we need Six Sigma
  • Learn history of Six Sigma
  • Learn Six Sigma project and organizational goals
  • Learn the foundations of famous Six Sigma phases: D-M-A-I-C (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control)
  • Sample Quiz - Seven Sample Six Sigma Exam Questions
  • Articles about Six Sigma Cost, Six Sigma Eligibility and more.
  • Free Six Sigma study materials
  • Get prompt answers & support from the instructor within 24 hours!
  • Participate in active discussions with other Six Sigma candidates & participants became Six Sigma certified.

Six sigma certification is critical for the organizations aiming to produce better results and efficiency.
If you are planning to sit for Six Sigma certification exam, this online Free Six Sigma training will help you to see sample Six Sigma study materials and learn Six Sigma certification details for free.
This course is most suited for:

  • Individuals aiming to get Lean Six Sigma certification
  • Professionals working in quality management area
  • Quality engineers
  • Quality analysts
  • Quality auditors
  • Quality managers

-What is in this free Six Sigma training online program?

Free Six Sigma course program has three sections.

Free Six Sigma Training Section #1 covers...

12 sample free Six Sigma lectures from Lean Six Sigma Green Belt online training program. These free Six Sigma lectures are for you to evaluate whether full Lean Six Sigma training of Master of Project Academy is for you.

There will be a sample Six Sigma course handout which you can download and follow while you walk through the course curriculum.

Following the Six Sigma handouts lectures, you will see 10 sample Six Sigma video lectures from online Six Sigma training and a sample quiz with seven sample Six Sigma questions. These lectures are:

  • Handouts for Free Six Sigma Training
  • Introduction
  • Basics of Six Sigma
  • Definition of Six Sigma
  • What is Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Approach
  • Six Sigma as a Measure
  • Why Six Sigma
  • History of Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Project and Organizational Goals
  • Process for Six Sigma - DMAIC
  • 7 Sample Six Sigma Questions

Free Six Sigma Course Section #2 includes...

Useful free Six Sigma materials. You will see links for six valuable Six Sigma article.

  • What is Six Sigma and what are its critical components?
  • Why is Six Sigma Certification becoming more and more popular?
  • Six Sigma Certification Eligibility - Are You Eligible for the Six Sigma Green Belt?
  • Six Sigma Certification Cost
  • All Aspects of 6σ Certification
  • 7 Roles & Responsibilities in Six Sigma Projects

Here, you will learn about why Six Sigma is important for companies, why Six Sigma is becoming more and more popular each day. Besides, you will be able to check whether Six Sigma certification is for you. You will learn about the Six Sigma eligibility requirements. Six Sigma certification cost article drills down the cost aspects. The last article focuses on the critical seven roles and responsibilities that must be included in Six Sigma Projects.

Free Six Sigma Training Section #3 includes...

Discount coupon codes for our comprehensive courses. This free Six Sigma training is only for giving an insight of how our Six Sigma training course programs are structured. In order to get ready for the Six Sigma exam, you must attend in a comprehensive Six Sigma training.
We will be happy to see your Six Sigma success. Thus, we are generous in providing discounts for our industry leading 99.6% first pass rate Lean Six Sigma Green Belt online training.


  Lean Six Sigma Certification Overview
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    Welcome to Master of Project Academy (1:19)
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    Introduction and Content of Free Six Sigma Course
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  • Start
    Introduction (3:17)
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    Basics of Six Sigma (2:56)
  • Start
    Definition of Six Sigma (1:52)
  • Start
    What is Six Sigma (3:32)
  • Start
    Six Sigma Approach (3:48)
  • Start
    Six Sigma as a Measure (3:22)
  • Start
    Why Six Sigma (1:46)
  • Start
    History of Six Sigma (3:15)
  • Start
    Six Sigma Project and Organizational Goals (6:12)
  • Start
    PMP Instructor-led Virtual Course Benefits (0:40)
  • Start
    Process for Six Sigma - DMAIC (4:05)
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    Sample Quiz
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    Six Articles about Six Sigma
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