PMP® One-on-One Online Coaching

Online PMP® One-on-One coaching sessions will help you to clear any questions regarding PMP application, knowledge areas, study tips and more.

100% online PMP® One-on-One Coaching includes:

-Any questions you might have about PMP certification
–You can ask your questions about particular PMP knowledge areas that you could not understand well
-PMP coach can review your PMP application and give recommendations
-You might have general questions about how to study for PMP exam, tips and tactics
-Any other questions about PMP? Our PMP coach will clarify for you!

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Get Online One-on-One PMP Coaching.

Clarify your questions and double your chances to pass the PMP exam in 1st attempt.

"Master of Project Academy allows professionals to advance their training at a schedule that fits their busy life. No set dates, no set number of hours. No need to take time off to accommodate a course schedule in a physical classroom. And with 24 hour assistance, professionals have access to help whenever they need it."

PMP Coaching

PMP One-on-One Coaching is ideal for you if you have any questions about PMP certification.

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One-on-One PMP Coaching

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Clarify Your Questions About PMP

100% Online

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  • Get Online One-on-One PMP Coaching sessions and ask anything regarding PMP certification to our PMP Mentor

  • PMP coaching sessions can be around any topic related to PMP certification
  • 24/7 assistance from our expert support team
  • Ask questions about the PMP exam content that you did not understand well
  • You may review your PMP application with the PMP mentor to make sure your application is correct
  • You can get online one-on-one PMP coaching sessions to fit your busy schedule
  • PMP coach can guide you on how to study, tips and tactics to get the PMP in your first attempt
  • If you failed the PMP exam before, you can get an online PMP coaching session and learn what you should do to pass the PMP exam in your second try.

PMP certification aspirants who are getting ready for the PMP exam. This online PMP coaching sessions will clarify your questions and double your chances to pass the PMP exam in your first try.

PMP certification is essential for most senior project management roles including:

  • Project managers
  • Associate/Asst. Manager - Projects
  • Team leads/Managers
  • Project Executives/Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager

-What is PMP coaching or PMP Mentoring?

PMP coaching is...

Helping PMP certification aspirants during their PMP study and increasing the chance of passing PMP exam in the first attempt.

PMP coaching or PMP mentoring can be on any topic regarding PMP certification. You might have questions about how to apply for PMP certification, you might need a review for your PMP application or you might want to learn how to study for PMP exam in order to pass the PMP exam.

Or, if you have already sit for the PMP exam and failed, you might want to learn what you must do to pass the PMP exam in your next attempt.

For all of these questions and on any PMP related topic, our PMP coaching mentor will clarify your questions about PMP certification.

-Why do I need PMP coaching?

There are several benefits of PMP coaching. We have listed the top three benefits of PMP coaching below:

1-) Most of the PMP aspirants do not know how to file their PMP application. You might have satisfied the PMP exam requirements. However, satisfying PMP requirements and applying for PMP certification are different. You must use buzzwords during your PMP application that PMI should understand you have sufficient project management experience to sit for PMP certification exam. Our PMP coaching mentor will guide you regarding how you must write your project experiences and other details during your PMP application.

2-) Some part of PMP exam content can be tricky to understand easily. You might have studied for the PMP exam through a PMP book or you might have followed an online PMP training. Even if you can get ready for the PMP exam on your own, you will have some points that needs clarification. At this point, you can get a PMP coaching session and ask your particular questions about the points that you did not understand during your PMP study.

3-) You might have failed in PMP exam already. Don't worry, we will do our best to get you ready for your next PMP exam. During PMP coaching sessions, PMP mentor will check your previous study approach and exam results. After that, PMP mentor will guide you on how you should study for the PMP exam in order to pass in your next attempt.

-How does PMP coaching sessions work?

It is super easy. We have three options for PMP coaching. 30 minute session, 60 minute session and 3 hours session.

30 minute session and 60 minute sessions are one-time online meetings with our PMP coach. If you purchase 3 hours PMP coaching session, you will book three different 60 minute sessions with the PMP coach. If you want to get all three hours in one session, just email us and we can try to arrange.

After you purchased the PMP coaching session, you will see the available PMP coaching session slots. Our PMP mentors are available every day. You can book any session that meets to your schedule.

Once you select an available slot, you will receive an email confirmation, calendar invitation and a link for joining the online PMP coaching session at the time of your PMP coaching session.

Make sure selected the appropriate coaching session with your purchase, otherwise it will be cancelled. E.g. if you have purchased a 30 minute PMP coaching session, you must schedule a 30 minute session. If you schedule any other event, it will be cancelled.

-What should I do before my PMP coaching session?

It will be better to have list of questions that you will ask during your PMP coaching session. You can send your questions to [email protected] before your PMP coaching session. So, our PMP coach will tailor your PMP coaching session for your needs.

-Do I need any special equipment for getting PMP coaching session?

No. If you have a PC, mobile phone, tablet PC or any other device which can connect to internet, it will be sufficient. For the quality of video and audio, it will be good to have sufficient internet bandwidth.

For any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

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Get PMP Coaching, Get PMP!

Ready to get serious about your PMP certification? Your career in project management depends on it.
Get PMP coaching and gain confidence before your sit for PMP exam.

-Guidance on any topic related to PMP certification
-Coaching for how to submit your PMP application
-Ask questions from the topics you did not understand on PMP exam content
-Past students have a 99.6% first time pass rate at PMP certification after completing our training

For corporate training solutions please email us

30 Minutes


30 Minutes One-on-One PMP Coaching Session

Benefits of a 30 Minute Session:

If you have few questions on particular PMP exam content

General guidance about PMP certification

1 Hour


1 Hour One-on-One PMP Coaching Session

Benefits of a 1 Hour Session:

If you have several questions about PMP exam content

Review of background and tailored PMP study guidance

3 Hours


Three One-Hour One-on-One PMP Coaching Sessions

Benefits of 3 Hour Session:

You will have three sessions and 60 minute coaching in each

Detailed clarification of PMP exam content topics that you did not understand

Detailed review of your background and guidance for PMP application

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I schedule my PMP coaching session?
We have PMP coaching slots available for everyday. After you purchase the PMP coaching session, you can book your session from the available slots of our PMP coach.

You can check the available slots from the following link: PMP coaching sessions

Note that, if you schedule without a purchase or if you schedule a session which does not match your purchase (e.g. if you purchase 30 minute coaching but schedule 60 minute coaching) your session will be cancelled.
Can I reschedule my PMP coaching session??
You can reschedule your PMP coaching session only if you email at [email protected] 24 hours before your appointment. If there are less than 24 hours, unfortunately, we cannot reschedule.
Can I get a refund?
If you attended to PMP coaching session already, you cannot get a refund.
If you purchased a PMP coaching session and do not want to proceed, you can ask for a full refund only 48 hours before your coaching session. You can email at [email protected] and we will be cancelling your appointment and provide you a full refund.
Who is PMP coach?
Master of Project Academy instructors has several years of experience in their fields and each has major industry experience including but not limited to IT, banking, telecommunications, consultancy, non-profit organizations, military, energy, and more.

Read more about Master of Project Academy Instructors.
Any further questions?
We’re happy to answer them! Just email us [email protected]