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Our Online Product Owner training helps you fully prepare for the Professional Scrum Product Owner - PSPO certification exam – even if you’re working full­‐time

Your 100% Online Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification Training includes:

-12+ hours of PSPO Certification Training designed by industry experts
–Learn at your own pace whenever and wherever you want, even if you work full-time
-150+ PSPO exam practice questions help you prepare for the PSPO certification exam
-Sample PSPO certification exam – so you're exam-ready ahead of the big day
-PSPO Cheat Sheets and more

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Gain Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Certification and find work as an Agile & Scrum professional in virtually any industry, in any location...

If you’re a professional with experience of participating, leading, and directing projects, this online PSPO course will help you to learn Agile Project Management foundations and Scrum Framework and boost your chances of passing PSPO certification exam first-time – even if you’re currently working full-time.

Some professionals wanting to take Professional Scrum Product Owner certification worry about when they’ll have time to study for the exam alongside their job. That’s why we created this Product Owner Certification online course – it is 100% self-paced, so you can study around YOUR schedule.

This affordable, online Scrum Product Owner training course is brought to you by Master of Project Academy. Our courses have a 99.6% first-time pass rate and more than 300,000 past students.

Agile project management methods are applied by many small to Fortune 500 size organizations. Demand for Agile professionals increases year-by-year and Agile certifications play a vital role when getting an agile project management job.

You don’t have to block out days or weeks to attend a grueling ‘bootcamp’ or other intense PSPO classroom training. Just set aside some time in your home or office to follow along with our online Professional Scrum Product Owner certification course, and you’ll be fully prepared for the PSPO certification exam.

Created by experienced Agile professionals, our PSPO Certification Online Training is structured around the PSPO certification exam as prescribed by – including over 150 practice questions – giving you the practical knowledge and confident mindset to achieve certification.

"Master of Project Academy allows professionals to advance their training at a schedule that fits their busy life. No set dates, no set number of hours. No need to take time off to accommodate a course schedule in a physical classroom. And with 24-hour assistance, professionals have access to help whenever they need it."

PSPO Online Training

Scrum Product Owner Certification Training is ideal for you if you’re looking to advance your Agile career by gaining PSPO certification in the first attempt.

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Course Completion Certificate

  • Completing this online Scrum Product Owner training will help you to pass the PSPO certification exam

  • Theoretical concepts explained with real-world project examples, giving you a better understanding of those concepts when it comes to your certification exam
  • 24/7 assistance from our expert support team
  • Test yourself with sample PSPO certification exams to assess your readiness for the real exam
  • Over 150 practice questions to test your skills and prepare for certification
  • Unlike in-person ‘certification training bootcamps’, you can study and prepare at your own pace, to fit your busy schedule
  • Online moderated PSPO peer forum to participate in active discussions
  • Downloadable high-quality PSPO study tools (handouts, cheat sheets, etc.)
  • Acquire the relevant knowledge and skills required to clear the Professional Scrum Product Owner certification exam.
  • Learn the Agile Methodologies and Agile Project Management Foundations
  • Learn Scrum Framework
  • Learn practical implications of Scrum over a sample project
  • Learn Scrum Team, Scrum Events, Scrum Artifacts
  • Learn Extreme Programming (XP), Lean, and Kanban Agile Methodologies briefly.
  • Learn the differences between different Agile & Scrum Certifications provided by different organizations
  • Earn 15 SEUs under Category E: Independent Learning of Scrum Alliance
  • Earn 12 PDUs if you are a PMP already.

Harsh competition in the market, shorter product lifecycles, and desire for producing quality for less push organizations to adapt agile project management practices. Therefore, agile professionals are demanded by organizations year over year.

PSPO certification is essential for agile project management roles including:

  • Team Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Software Developers
  • Software Architects/Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Members of Scrum teams such as developers, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners
  • Managers of Scrum teams
  • Teams transitioning to Scrum
  • Professionals intending to pursue the Professional Scrum Product Owner certification

-What is PSPO - Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification?

Professional Scrum Product Owner - PSPO Certification is...

Professional Scrum Product Owner, abbreviated as PSPO, is the scrum product owner certification awarded by People who have passed PSPO I, achieving certification, demonstrate a fundamental level of Scrum mastery.

PSPO I certificate holders prove that they understand Scrum as described in the Scrum Guide and how to apply Scrum in Scrum Teams. PSPO I holders have a consistent terminology and approach to Scrum.

In the waterfall project management, requirements are gathered, scope documents are generated, approval of the customer is acquired, the project team starts to work on the project and after months of progress, the customer could see the outcomes of the project.

However, harsh competition in the market and especially shorter product lifecycles make waterfall project management methodologies impossible to adapt. Because, when an organization is developing a product or a new feature for an existing product, its rival might come out with a new product and the organization must adapt itself with these changing requirements rapidly which is not easy in waterfall project management methodologies.

In Agile Project Management, the product is evolved with small increments and new features added step-by-step throughout the project. This enables the customer to see the developing product and make alterations in the requirements earlier when needed.

Emerging practices of Agile Project Management made Scrum certifications, such as PSPO certification, valuable in the agile job market. Since the 2000s, every organization is trying to change its practices to become an "Agile" organization. This makes agile certifications, as well as PSPO certification, vital in various industries.

-What is Scrum?

There are several agile project methodologies and frameworks such as Lean, Kanban, Extreme Programming, and more. Scrum is one of the agile frameworks and actually, scrum is the most popular agile framework used by most of the agile project management applying organizations.

Learn more about scrum with our Scrum in 5 Minutes article.

-What are the benefits of PSPO certification?

Change of technology is at the pace of it was never before. Market conditions, harsh competition, and time-to-market are the biggest concerns of today's organizations, especially for technology companies. To adapt to this fast-changing environment, most of the organizations adopt Agile Project Management methodologies. This ensures the organizations to produce valuable outputs faster. Scrum Framework is the most popular Agile Methodology.

Because of this shift in project management methodology, Organizations seek for Agile Practitioners, Scrum Product Owners, Agile and Scrum Professionals to manage their software development projects. Take this opportunity to learn Agile Project Management and Scrum Framework, earn a new skill, get PSPO Certification, and take a step ahead in your career.

By taking this course, you will be very well prepared for the Professional Scrum Product Owner certification exam.

-What are the PSPO certification levels? offers the following three main tracks:

  • Professional Scrum Product Owner-I (PSPO-I): Intermediate level PSPO certification.
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner-II (PSPO-II):: Advanced level PSPO certification
  • Professional Scrum Procut Owner-III (PSPO-III): Expert level PSPO certification

Recommended path to earn these certifications in order. First, PSPO-I, then, PSPO-II and then PSPO-III. There is no course requirement or experience requirement for PSPO certifications. As long as you pass the PSPO certification exam, you earn the PSPO certification.

Learn more about agile certification programs.

-What are the PSPO certification requirements? does not require either work or education requirement to obtain PSPO certification. There are recommended courses to attend, like this PSPO online training, to get ready for the PSPO certification exam. Once you are ready to take the PSPO exam, you can pay the PSPO exam fee, sit for the PSPO exam, and once you pass the exam, you earn the PSPO certification.

The following are the number of questions and passing scores for each level of PSPO certification.

  • Professional Scrum Product Owner-I (PSPO-I): 80 questions, 60 minutes - Passing Score: 85%
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner-II (PSPO-II):: 40 questions, 60 minutes - Passing Score: 85%
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner-III (PSPO-III): 35 questions, 120 minutes - Passing Score: 85%

-Why do I need PSPO - Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification

Agile project management is about producing products while fighting against time. This requires several techniques, concepts, and methods that need to be applied.

Organizations seek PSPO certification holders when they will employ their agile vacancies, especially Product Owner and Product Manager positions. Because an Agile certification will prove the agile experience and knowledge level of the candidate.

Earning the PSPO certificate will not show only your work and domain experience but also your dedication to the agile project management career.

-What is PSPO Certification Cost?

PSPO certification exam fee is $200 for PSPO-I, $250 for PSPO-II, and $500 for PSPO-III certification. Note that, this is only the exam fee. To sit for the PSPO exam, you must get ready as well. PSPO certification training cost is not included above.

The recommended way is enrolling in PSPO online training. This does not provide cost advantage only. You will have the flexibility to attend in PSPO online courses based on your schedule, availability and you will be able to revisit the lectures as you wish.

-How should I choose my PSPO Certification Training?

You have only three options to get PSPO training.

  • 1- Self-Paced PSPO Online Training
  • 2- Virtual PSPO Training – PSPO Online Class Training
  • 3- In-Person PSPO Classroom Training

Yes, Master of Project Academy provides all of these options.

We feel online PSPO training programs are more convenient for the majority of PSPO candidates. Students can follow the online PSPO course lectures on their own time and can fit the PSPO online training into their schedule. If a student doesn’t fully understand a topic, they have full access to all online PSPO training materials and can learn at their own pace.

Our PSPO online training is also available as a resource and we’re readily available to answer students’ questions promptly. Additionally, PSPO online course programs are around 3 times more affordable than regular PSPO classroom courses.

Be careful when choosing your PSPO online training provider. Some PSPO courses are pretty basic so be sure to do your research and ensure that the online PSPO course program you will choose is up to standard and cover the PSPO exam content fully.

-Can I study for the PSPO certification exam on my own?

Absolutely! You can get ready for the PSPO certification exam today if you wanted. You can enroll in PSPO online training. After you prepared your PSPO certification study plan and with the help of our PSPO online course, you can pass any PSPO certification exam in your first attempt!

Although does not require PSPO certification aspirants to attend a PSPO training, we strongly recommend you to attend in a comprehensive PSPO training. Because there is a huge PSPO exam content and the agile project management trends change frequently. To be better prepared and face the most recent real-like PSPO certification exam questions, you must attend an updated PSPO certification training.

-How should I study for the PSPO certification exam?

After helping more than 300,000 worldwide professionals, we prepared a 7-step PSPO study plan. If you follow these steps, you will double your chances of passing the PSPO exam with flying colors, on your first attempt.

1-) Determine the Target Date You Will Take PSPO Exam. This will help you prioritize and arrange the lesson plan to ensure you’re ready come exam day.

2-) Develop a Study Schedule After You Set Your PSPO Exam Date, plan which sections you will complete and when. Be sure to allow time for days off, holidays, etc.

3-) Take Diligent Notes While You Study. The PSPO certification process is a journey. You keep coming back to these notes - they’ll be essential in retaining information throughout the study process.

4-) Practice, practice, practice: There are so many online PSPO practice questions available to you via online, peer study groups, and training provider resources - like Master of Project Academy.

5-) Spend Time Reviewing Your Incorrect Answers. If you find a particular section difficult, make sure you revisit the PSPO material and retake the quizzes when necessary.

6-) Go through your PSPO study notes frequently. The PSPO certification journey can take weeks - so every week, take an hour to go through the section notes you’ve already taken. This will help you retain the PSPO exam material better.

7-Take the exam and earn your PSPO certification! If you followed steps 1-6, you should be ready to ace the PSPO exam! Be sure to get enough sleep before PSPO exam day, and be confident. You got this!

-What is the passing score for PSPO certification exam?

PSPO certification exam passing score is 85%. This passing score is the same for all three levels of PSPO certification, I, II, and III. However, the number of questions, types of questions, format, and duration of the exam is different.

PSPO-I certification exam is 60 minutes. There are 80 multiple choice, multiple answer and true/false questions in the exam.

PSPO-II certification exam is 90 minutes. There are 40 multiple choice and multiple answer questions in the exam.

PSPO-III certification exam is 120 minutes. There are 35 multiple choice questions and an essay in the exam.

-How can I sit for the PSPO certification exam?

PSPO certification exam is online and you can take it from website. First, you pay the PSPO exam fee. When you purchase an exam, it is set up in system and emailed to you within one business day. Then, you can start your PSPO exam assessment once your setup is ready and emailed by

-Can I take the PSPO exam online?

Yes! organizes PSPO exams online. You can buy an assessment and sit for the PSPO exam online at website.

-When is the next PSPO exam date?

There is not a PSPO exam schedule or a fixed PSPO exam date you must sit for the exam. PSPO exam is conducted by Once you purchased the PSPO assessment, you can schedule your PSPO exam. You can sit for your PSPO exam after completing your PSPO study and when you are ready to take the PSPO exam.

-What is the validity of the PSPO certification?

For now, PSPO certification does not expire once you earned it. does not require continuing education units or renewal of the PSPO certification as well. So, you can sit for the PSPO exam, and earn this reputable certification to highlight your resume.

-Want to learn more about PSPO certification?

Enroll in our free PSPO training overview course.

Disclaimer: PMI and PMI-ACP are registered trademarks of Project Management Institute. CSM, CSD, CSPO are registered trademarks of Scrum Alliance. PSM, PSPO, PSD are registered trademarks of This training program is not endorsed by or affiliated with


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    Interrelationships of Framework-Methodology-Process (3:57)
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    Need for Agile (6:40)
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    Common Misconceptions About Agile (6:44)
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  Scrum Framework
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    Scrum Team-Development Team (7:10)
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    Scrum Team-Scrum Master (4:35)
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    Scrum Events-Sprint (19:26)
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    Scrum Events-Sprint Planning (7:58)
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    Scrum Events-Sprint Planning (Scrum Planning Poker) (16:22)
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    Scrum Events-Daily Scrum (8:13)
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    Scrum Events-Sprint Review (4:36)
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    Scrum Events-Sprint Retrospective (12:26)
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    Scrum Events-Summary (4:39)
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    Scrum of Scrums (12:56)
  • Start
    Scrum Artifacts-Product Backlog (16:27)
  • Start
    Scrum Artifacts-Sprint Backlog (13:47)
  • Start
    Scrum Artifacts-Increment (10:50)
  • Start
    Scrum Framework-Summary (5:46)
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    Section-4 Quiz (pdf format)
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    Section-4 Quiz - Answers & Rationales (pdf format)
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    Scrum/XP Hybrid (4:38)
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  Agile & Scrum Certifications
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    Agile & Scrum Certifications (10:24)
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