Renew Your Scrum Certification The Easy Way – Get The 40 Scrum SEUs You Need To Satisfy Scrum Alliance® Requirements

Scrum Alliance® approved renewal process – complete these three self-­paced certification courses worth 40+ Scrum SEU credits to renew your Scrum Alliance cert.

Your 100% online, self-paced 40 Scrum SEU® Course Bundle includes:

-Three self-paced Agile & Project Management Courses worth 40 SEUs in total
–Learn at your own pace whenever and wherever you want, even if you work full-time
-Guidance on how to submit your earned SEUs to Scrum Alliance.
-24/7 assistance from our expert support team
-Several cheat sheets, handouts, supporting documents and more

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Want to renew your Scrum Alliance certification at your first attempt? Here’s how we can help.

Want to keep the benefits of the Scrum certification? Renewing your Scrum Alliance certification is essential…

Hassle-free – each course is online, self-paced and available from any location. Just log on and learn at any time. All you need is an internet-connected device.
Super simple – get the bundle, take the courses, submit your SEUs and renew your certificate. Thousands of professionals renewed their Scrum Alliance certification this way.

Don’t leave it too late to renew your Scrum Alliance certification.

You worked hard to get your Scrum certification, so you won’t want to risk losing it by missing out on your next renewal.
And because you need to renew your certificate with the Scrum Alliance every 2 years, we’ve created this course bundle to help you do that, in one easy to access resource.

When you complete Master of Project Academy’s Scrum Alliance Certification Renewal Bundle, you’ll have earned the 40 SEUs (Scrum Education Units) you need to renew that all-important certificate.

Cut out the stress of Scrum Alliance certificate renewal

The Scrum Alliance insists all certified Scrum Professionals complete SEUs every 2 years to renew their Scrum certificate. Following list shows the Scrum SEUs required to renew Scrum Alliance certification.

- Foundational : CSM®, CSPO®, or CSD® - 20 SEUs
- Advanced: A-CSM or A-CSPO - 30 SEUs
- Professional: CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO, or CSP® - 40 SEUs

And if you miss out on renewal, or just renew too late, you may have to earn extra SEUs just to catch up or re-take the Scrum Certification exam.

But with this course bundle you don’t have to worry – just complete each of these three online courses worth a total of 40 SEUs, and simply renew your certificate with the Scrum Alliance.

When you take these courses you’ll also be reinforcing key Agile concepts, learning new best practices and becoming a more rounded Scrum Professional (and more attractive to future employers).

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"Master of Project Academy allows professionals to advance their training at a schedule that fits their busy life. No set dates, no set number of hours. No need to take time off to accommodate a course schedule in a physical classroom. And with 24 hour assistance, professionals have access to help whenever they need it."

Scrum SEU course

Scrum SEU Training Bundle is ideal for you if you’re trying to retain your existing Scrum certificate and keep the benefits of being a Scrum Alliance® certified professional.

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40 SEUs to Renew Scrum Certification

3 Courses

40+ Hours of Training

30 day money back guarantee!

100% Online & Self-Paced

Course Completion Certificates

  • Earn 40 SEU Hours requirement of Scrum Alliance® so that you become eligible to renew your Scrum certification

  • Three different courses that will help you to earn 40 SEUs in total.
  • Theoretical concepts explained with real-world project examples, giving you a better understanding of those concepts.
  • Detailed step-by-step guide on how to submit your earned SEUs
  • Get prompt answers & support from the instructor within 24 hours!
  • Participate in active discussions with other learners which helps expanding your experience
  • Get downloadable handouts and materials during the course

The Scrum Alliance® certification is the most important industry-recognized agile certification for professionals. Having a Scrum certification will help you to earn better salary and guarantee to outpace other candidates for the jobs you will be applying.

Besides, most of the organizations look for Scrum certified professionals to fulfill their agile project management vacancies. To have these benefits of Scrum certification, any Scrum Alliance certified professional who wants to renew his/her Scrum certification can attend this 40 Scrum SEU course bundle.

  • Project managers
  • Scrum Professionals
  • Associate/Asst. Manager - Projects
  • University students/graduates aiming to get a project management position
  • Any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager

What are the 3 courses in Scrum Certification Renewal Bundle?

40 Scrum SEU Courses Bundle includes three different courses...

TOTAL = 40 Scrum SEUs earned (around 40 hours of video course content)

Why should I renew my Scrum Alliance Certificate?

Scrum Alliance requires Scrum Professionals who hold scrum certification to show professional experience or event activity that will help them keep pace with changing agile project management and scrum trends.

That’s why Scrum Alliance expects each Scrum certification holder to submit Scrum SEUs every two years to retain their Scrum certification.

Since Scrum Alliance certifications are globally reputable certification in agile project management world, it is strongly recommended that you retain your Scrum Alliance certification.

What are the Scrum Alliance SEU Requirements?

If you have a Scrum Alliance certification, you must earn SEU credits in every two years to maintain your certification. Following are the Scrum SEU Requirements:

– Foundational Level Scrum Certification (CSM, CSPO, or CSD) owners must earn 20 Scrum SEU points every two-year.
– Advanced Level Scrum Certification (A-CSM or A-CSPO) owners must earn 30 Scrum SEU points every two-year.
– Professional Level Scrum Certification (CSP-SM, CSP-PO or CSP) owners must earn 40 Scrum SEU points every two-year.

What is the validity of a Scrum SEU hour I earned?

For all Scrum Alliance Certification renewal cycles, SEUs must have been earned within your current certification period. For example, if your certification expires 1/10/2021, then your SEUs will need to have been earned between 1/10/2019 and 1/10/2021.

How is Scrum SEU Hours calculated?

An SEU hour is based on a 1:1 ratio of contact hours to points. For example, if you attend a Scrum conference and participate for the entire two days, you will earn a maximum of 8 Scrum SEU hours. Attending a one hour Scrum webinar is equivalent to one Scrum SEU hour.

What are the Scrum Alliance SEU Categories?

You can earn Scrum SEU credits from six different SEU categories.

– Category A: Scrum Alliance Scrum Gatherings
– Category B: Scrum Alliance Courses or Coaching
– Category C: Outside Events
– Category D: Volunteer Service
– Category E: Independent Learning
– Category F: Other Collaborative Learning

Our 40+ Scrum SEU Bundle courses are compliant with Category E: Independent Learning. This category accepts Scrum SEU points from following options:

E.1 – Prepared a Scrum presentation (preparation time only, not delivering)
E.2 – Authored a book, article, or blog
E.3 – Watched a Scrum/Agile training video by an instructor other than a Scrum Alliance CST
E.4 – Read a Scrum/Agile book
E.5 – Other independent learning (We invite instances of creative learning that do not fit into other categories)

You will be able to submit your earned Scrum SEU credits from this bundle under Category E.5 option.

How can I earn online Scrum SEU hours?

You can attend scrum webinars, listen podcasts or read agile blogs to earn Scrum SEU hours online. However, it will be difficult to earn all Scrum SEU hours need from these online Scrum SEU resources. Therefore, we recommend enrolling in this Scrum SEU Online course bundle and earn required SEU hours required to renew your Scrum certification conveniently.

40 Scrum SEU Online Course Bundle will be a perfect fit for you to complete your SEU needs in one go!

When should I start submitting Scrum SEU hours to renew my Scrum Alliance certification?

As soon as you earn your Scrum certification, submit any events or activity in Scrum Alliance that earn Scrum SEU hours. Many certification holders wait until too close to their Scrum certification expiration date, and try to complete all their required Scrum SEU hours in just a couple of months or even weeks!

Scrum Alliance is rigorous for these Scrum certification holders and your Scrum SEU hour submissions may not be accepted – so we advise against leaving it until your final month before renewal.

How can I submit my earned Scrum SEUs?

Once you complete a course, you can submit your earned Scrum SEUs in the online system of Scrum Alliance. You should be able to submit your Scrum SEU hours under your profile once you logged into your profile in Scrum Alliance website.

What should I do after I complete Scrum SEU Hours needed to renew my Scrum Certificate?

After you complete Scrum SEU hours in your two-year term cycle, you must apply for Scrum Certification renewal in your Scrum Alliance profile page.

You’ll then be directed to a secure payment page to pay your Scrum Certification renewal fee to Scrum Alliance.

How much does Scrum Alliance Certification renewal cost?

Scrum Alliance Certification renewal fee is different for each scrum certification level. Following table shows the Scrum Certification renewal fee for each certification level respectively.

You can pay this Scrum Certification renewal fee online directly to the Scrum Alliance using a card to complete your renewal process.

- Foundational (CSM®, CSPO®, or CSD®) - $100
- Advanced: (A-CSM or A-CSPO) - $175
- Professional: (CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO, or CSP®) - $250

Can I fulfill my Scrum SEU hour needs from Free Scrum SEU activities?

There are free agile courses or free events (e.g. webinars, conferences etc.) that you can attend and gain Scrum SEUs. However, completing all Scrum SEUs for FREE will be tough especially if you are a working professional. Therefore, the best way to complete Scrum SEUs is enrolling in online courses and gaining SEUs easily.

40+ Scrum SEU Online Course Bundle will be a perfect fit for you to complete your SEU needs in one go!

Where can I find more information about Scrum Certification Renewal?

Should you have any further questions about Scrum Certification Renewal, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]. We will be responding in 24 hours if not sooner.

Check out our Scrum SEU post to learn more about the Scrum certification renewal process, and how to earn and submit your 40 Scrum SEU hours.

If you need fewer than 40 Scrum SEUs to renew your Scrum Alliance certification, you may want to check out our 20 Scrum SEU Bundle.

Everything you need to earn 40 SEUs and renew your Scrum Alliance® Certification

Ready to get serious about renewing Scrum certification? Your career in agile world depends on it.
Enroll today and give yourself the best chance at renewing your Scrum Alliance® certification…

-100% online training, learn at your own pace from wherever you want
-Training satisfies the Scrum Alliance Requirements to renew Scrum certification
-Ideal for people trying to earn Scrum SEUs to retain Scrum Alliance® certification
-Includes 40 hours of training, study materials, SEU submission guidance & more
-Thousands of professionals earned SEUs and renewed their Scrum Alliance® certifications with this bundle

In-person, virtual, and hybrid group training formats are available for this program.

For group and corporate training solutions, please

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